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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 11th October 2021 Episode: Rishab Gets Arrested


The latest written update of Kundali Bhagya of 11th October 2021 starts with Karan. He takes Rishab to his room and asks him to sleep. Preeta also comes there. Rishab tells them that he wants to talk to Prithvi and Sherlyn and asks Karan to wake him up in the morning. Karan notices that Rishab is quite worried. He asks Preeta about it. Preeta tells him that he is upset because of Sherlyn as she crossed the limits this time. Later, Rishab screams and calls Karan after dropping the lamp on the floor.

Kundali Bhagya 11th oct

Karan rushes to him and tries to comfort him. Rishab tells him that he doesn’t want anyone in his life but him as he loves him. Preeta gets worried seeing Rishab’s breakdown. Rishab advises Karan not to believe anyone blindly and just trust Preeta as she is different and is her real self. He adds that he wants to go far away from here. Karan gets angry and decides to talk to Sherlyn. Rishab asks him not to as he will talk to her later.

The next morning, Preeta prepares breakfast and waits for Rishab to wake up. Meanwhile, Rishab shouts and calls everyone to gather. Prithvi gets scared hearing Rishab’s voice and thinks that his truth is about to come out. Preeta goes to Sherlyn and asks her to go as the end is near. Sherlyn gets scared and thinks of ways to escape the situation. Everyone gathers and looks at Rishab thinking what does he want to tell them. Rakhi comes to Rishab and asks the matter.

The latter breaks into tears and thanks Preeta for opening his eyes. Rishab then hugs Kritika. He tells her that he is about to tell her something that will ruin her birthday. Rishab tells them that he is being cheated on and the person who has done this is close to everyone. However, before he could reveal the names, police arrives and arrest him. They accuse him of attempting to murder Sandeep Khanna. Rishab gets shocked and denies the blame.

Karan tells the inspector that Rishab can never do such things. Preeta also speaks in Rishab’s favour. Police tell them that Sandeep is in hospital and has given the statement that Rishab hit him with his car and it was a murder attempt. Sherlyn decodes to support Rishab so that she can look good in his eyes and tells the inspector that he has mistaken. The inspector tells her that they have CCTV footage that proves Rishab’s crime.


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