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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 16th July 2021 Episode: Shrishti Tries To Expose Prithvi


Kundali Bhagya’s serial today’s episode starts with Kareena questioning Sherlyn. She asks her not to let Kritika and Prithvi’s marriage happen. Kareena gets confused. Sherlyn tells her that he has never imagined that Prithvi’ smother will ever ask her for forgiveness. Kareena doesn’t understand anything and looks at her surprisingly. Prithvi comes and asks her not to think much as Sherlyn is getting very emotional so she is saying all of these things. He says that she recently got into an argument with his mother but his mother unintentionally hurt her. He adds that he is happy as they have sorted out now.

Kundali Bhagya 16th July 2021

Kareena smiles and says that Sherlyn can never hurt anyone’s feelings and says that she can understand as she is emotionally disturbed at this moment. Later, Kareena suggests Prithvi and Sherlyn clear things up and join the wedding. On another side, Bani informs Kareena that Preeta and Karan have said that they will be giving an heir to the family and even promised Rakhi the same. Kareena gets happy and says that it’s a piece of good news. While Karan and Rishab are seen teasing each other jokingly.

In the next scene, Karan and Preeta get a moment as the garlands get stuck in their necks. They were lost in each other’s eyes when Bani and Kareena notice them. They smile looking at each other and think that the couple will soon give good news t the family. Preeta sees Bani and Kareena watching them and gets shy. While leaving she was about to fall when Karan saves her. He tells her that he knew that she would definitely fall to which Preeta answers that she also knew that he would save her from falling. Preeta asks Karan to convince Mahesh and Rakhi to participate in the rituals.

On another side, Shrishti is trying to cancel the wedding and is trying to question Sameer if he loves Kritika or not. Sameer tells her that he still loves her but cannot do anything as it will ruin the family’s reputation. Shrishti informs Sameer that Prithvi is not a good match for Kritika as he had cheated on her with Sherlyn and also is the father of her child. Sameer tells her that they still cannot do anything as they lack any kind of evidence against him. Shrishti calls him a coward and thinks of other ways to expose Prithvi. Kundali Bhagya airs on Zee TV at 9:30 PM.


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