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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 30th Nov 2021 Episode: Sonakshi Turns Out To Be The Kidnapper


The latest written update of Kundali Bhagya of 30th November 2021 starts with Sherlyn. She says that Preeta is right as all of this wouldn’t have happened if she had not gotten late to reach there. Sherlyn says that just because Preeta accepted her mistake doesn’t mean she will be forgiven. Mahesh comes and asks Sherlyn to calm down. He asks Sherlyn why is she losing her temper. Sherlyn answers that she also considers Pihu as her daughter and losing her really hurts. She says that she is really worried for Pihu and prays that she returns soon. Dadi agrees with Sherlyn while Kareena also says that she was trying to say this too.

Kundali Bhagya

Mahesh asks them not to fight and try to find Pihu together. Sherlyn thinks that she has given them another reason to fight and now she should leave to find out what’s Sonakshi is planning with her father. Here, Preeta feels extremely bad as she runs to the halls and kneels beside the table crying. She thinks how she failed to be a good mother as Sonakshi also seemed to care about her more than her. Preeta thinks that Dadi and Kareena Bua are right.

In the next scene, Karan comes. Vinod asks him to keep talking to the kidnapper so that he can find out if she has eaten anything or not. He said that it will also help them to trace the kidnapper’s location. However, the call gets disconnected before he could even ask him anything. Karan’s phone rings again. Preeta snatches the phone and begs the kidnapper to not hurt her Pihu and says that she can’t live without her. The kidnapper who is no one but Sonakshi tells Preeta that they have no rivalry with the family but they only want the money.

Karan threatens the kidnapper to beat them to death if they even touch Pihu badly. Sonakshi asks Karan why did he take so long to pick up the call as she would not tolerate this again. After the call ends, Karan assures Preeta that he will bring back Pihu safely no matter what. Here, Sonakshi tells Rajveer that they will soon get the money. While the duo was talking, Sherlyn reach there and hears their conversation. Sonakshi and Rajveer get shocked seeing her there. Will Sherlyn expose Sonakshi or join hands with her? Watch Kundali Bhagya full today’s episode on Zee TV at 9:30 PM.


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