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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 31st July 2021 Episode: Sherlyn Finds Out Preeta’s Truth


With interesting twists and turns, Zee TV’s popular serial Kundali Bhagya also known as “Twist of Fate” has been running successfully. Not a single day goes by when the serial doesn’t secure its place in the Top 5 high TRP gainer serials. Presently, Preeta’s pregnancy track is going on which has enthralled the viewers as it’s very entertaining. For the viewers who are finding it hard to wait for the telecast of the 31st July 2021 episode, let’s find out the upcoming story of the serial on our site. Check today’s written update of the show and its spoilers.

Kundali Bhagya

So far, it was shown that Preeta along with the entire Luthra family has gone on a trip. Everyone is happy as they are spending time with each other. However, Preeta doesn’t look that happy. Since she has been hiding her pregnancy truth from the family, she feels that she is playing with their sentiments. Though she couldn’t find the courage to speak about the truth that she is not pregnant and struggles inside.

There, Sherlyn tries to harm the unborn baby of Preeta and is fully unaware of the truth that Preeta is not pregnant. In today’s episode, Sherlyn keeps following Preeta. She watches Karan helping Preeta and notices that Preeta looks tensed. Sherlyn wonders what could be there that’s bothering her. Later, Sonakshi’s father, Yashvardhan Raichand arrives and asks the waiter to serve the Luthra family well. As Sonakshi’s marriage ceremonies have begun, the family has visited there to attend the marriage.

Mahesh questions Yashvardhan about Rajat’s family. The latter answers that they are on their way. Here, Sherlyn doesn’t leave any moment to observe Preeta. She suspects her of behaving so strange and decides to find the truth. After following Preeta for a while, Sherlyn will eventually know the truth that Preeta is using the Luthra family for care and attention and that she is not actually pregnant. Sherlyn will get shocked to know this. She will decide to expose Preeta in front of the family.

Firstly, she will reveal the truth to Kareena who will not believe her but Sherlyn keeps convincing her that she is not fabricating anything. It will be shown that Kareena will get surprised and will decide to find out if Sherlyn is actually telling the truth. Will Preeta get exposed in the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya? Stay tuned to get the latest updates on the show.


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