Home Entertainment Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 6th August 2021 Sonakshi Reveals Sherlyn’s Truth

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 6th August 2021 Sonakshi Reveals Sherlyn’s Truth


Today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Sonakshi revealing a piece of shocking news to Preeta. She explains to Preeta that she saw that someone has deliberately left the gas knob on as they knew that Preeta will be going to the kitchen to prepare. Sonakshi adds that she saw Sherlyn standing outside the kitchen. She continues to say that Sherlyn had even stopped her earlier from entering the kitchen and that she had seen keeping an eye on Preeta. Sonakshi concludes that it gestures that Sherlyn desires to harm Preeta which shocks Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya Written episode

On another side, Bani searches for elegant henna designs, especially for pregnant ladies. She thinks about Preeta and says that her Mehndi should be the best. Rakhi suggests Bani discuss the Mehndi patterns with Preeta once. Bani tells Rakhi that she can’t find her and adds that Sonakshi is not present as well. Rakhi nods and thinks that they should call both Preeta and Sonakshi. Here, Sonakshi keeps telling Preeta about Sherlyn’s conspiracy.

Sonakshi asks Preeta what could be the reason behind Sherlyn’s plan to kill her. Archana comes and asks Sonakshi to get dressed up.¬†Preeta asks Sonakshi not to think about this now and just to focus on her Mehndi function. Sonakshi gets shocked and asks Preeta how could she behave so normal after knowing someone is after her life. Preeta says that she will handle that and asks her not to worry but Sonakshi is determined to question Sherlyn and get the answers.

Sonakshi tells Preeta that she will help her as she always thinks of others but ignores her own rights. Here, the family looks around for Sherlyn but couldn’t find her. Sonakshi takes Preeta with her and reveals the truth about Sherlyn. The family gets stunned hearing that and gets worried about Preeta. Sonakshi informs everyone that Sherlyn intentionally left the knob open and tried to kill Preeta. Rajat interrupts and tells Sonakshi that this cannot be possible as Sherlyn has gotten kidnapped.

Preeta gets shocked. Karan also gets confused and wonders how is this even possible. Kareena suggests checking Sherlyn’s room and finds her tied up in an unconscious state. Karan confronts Preeta about Preeta’s incident but Sherlyn hides the truth. Rajat tells them that he had seen a man wearing a hoodie who was dragging Sherlyn. Sonakshi also questions Sherlyn but she narrates that a thief entered the house and looted her pieces of jewellery. For more Kundali Bhagya written updates, stick to our site.


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