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Kundali Bhagya Written Update Spoilers 25th Sept 2021 Episode: Goons Scare Luthras


Let’s find out what is going to happen in today’s written episode update of 25th September 2021 of Kundali Bhagya. It starts with Rakhi who asks Ganesh to bring Prasad for the guests. She appreciates all the guests for coming to her place to celebrate Ganapati Utsava. She says it’s special for them this time as Preeta and Karan have become parents. Here, goons look at the boxes of Prasad being distributed to the guests. They think that this way their drugs will be gone out of the house. The goons shout and ask the family to stop but no one listens to them.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Spoilers 25th Sept 2021 Episode Goons Scare Luthras

Later, one of the goons stand up with a gun and points it at everyone. Everyone gets scared. Here, Karan tries to move but Rishab asks him not to do anything as it could turn fatal for everyone. The goon says that he had planned to leave the house without hurting anyone but their behaviour forced him to take such a step. Rakhi asks everyone to remain calm as they are just musicians. Mahesh starts to laugh and says that the musicians must be in a bad mood.

Kundali Bhagya 25th Sept 2021 Written Update

Mahesh takes the gun from the goon’s hand and says that he knows it’s fake. Meanwhile, he accidentally shoots. Everyone panics. The goons take the gun back from Mahesh’s hands and ask the family to stand quietly. The main goon asks the other ones to take the boxes from everyone. However, they get surprised when they find that the boxes are filled with sweets only. The goons get angry and pull Dadi towards them. They aim the gun at her forehead and warns the family to tell him where they have kept the drugs or else she would get killed.

On another hand, Pihu comes to the same room where the goons have tied Sarla up. She tries to gain Pihu’s attention by hitting something. Her attempts succeed as a vase falls. Pihu goes in that direction and sees Sarla sitting on a chair being all tied up. She asks her if she is playing hide and seek. Sarla asks Pihu to untie her. Here, Preeta asks the goons not to harm her family as she was the one who placed sweets in the boxes. She adds that she suspected that there is something fishy when Pihu told her that someone was stealing something from the sweet boxes. Stay tuned with us for more Kundali Bhagya updates.


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