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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Today’s Episode 23rd June 2021: Veer Asking Amrit About Randhir


The latest episode begins with, Veer asking Amrit about Randhir that where is he? Amrit says, perhaps he went to meet his dad at the hospital. There Randhir is with Karam, he tells him that you were diving into the river when we saw you and we saved you and we thought to call the police and hand you over to them as we were in the dark about you. Vijender yells at Naman saying these clothes are the only proof that tells you are Prem. Naman replies, it means that these are Prem’s clothes. Karam looks at him and tells that he is not his real son, they just crib him so forgive him for hiding this truth for a long time as they have no child but they accept him as a gift from Ganga Maa.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Randhir thanks him for saying whatever he is today just because of mom and you. Nalini is his mother and Veer is his elder brother. Karam gets shocked and asks, are you Nalini’s son. Randhir apologizes saying that he kept him away from all the luxury, he says him to go and get all the happiness of his life. There Vijender says that he had planned everything and drugged Veer and when Veer got angry that was happened just because of that drug. He pushed Prem off of the cliff and at that time I got a breath of relief.

Naman asks him about the clothes, Vijender tells him that Nalini still loves Prem and he tried harder to make these clothes look better and as these clothes are of Prem so if you keep these with you Nalini will accept you. There Randhir comes to Veer’s gate and calls him out. Veer and Amrit smile seeing him, Veer comes out and hugs Randhir and gets happy. Nalini looks worried and feels something, Bhanu asks her, what happened? She replies that she does not know what is going but it’s a strange kind of feeling.

There Veer apologizes to him and tells him that he was playing a game with his younger brother, Randhir gets emotional and requests him to forgive as he raised his hand towards his brother which he ought not to do. Amrit smiles and tells that it’s a good thing that finally we got the reality as you are having a blood relation, we will give this good news to Nalini and I’m damn sure that she will be flying after knowing this. They go to her and the episode ends here. No doubt that the show is becoming interesting so stay tuned with us to catch every latest episode udapte.


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