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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Written Update: Naman Blackmailed Vashma 18th June 2021 Episode


The episode starts with Veer comes to Randhir and tells him that he should grateful to Amrit. He says along with that he also reunited Randhir and his father. Amrit goes from there while Naman is showing off in front of Nalini. Vijender there consoles Nalini and assures her that he will always beside her no matter what. Just then Naman comes to her and takes her blessings. Nalini appreciates you as my saviour. She further says that you don’t have any right to touch my feet. It fumes Naman while Nalini left.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Meanwhile, Vashima comes there and introduced herself to Naman, while Naman introduces her as Noor. Vijender meets him and appreciates him. He then says that he will be Nalini’s boyfriend from now. Veer says I don’t need anything as Amrit is along with me you just protect Nalini. Vijender says the goons won’t save from it for long. Randhir visits the hospital along with Randhir. Amrit also comes there they both argued and Amrit leaves. Amrit is continuously recalling Veer’s words. Veer comes to Amrit and says he is amazed when she supports him even when Randhir is there.

She asks what did you say in front of Vijender if you are kidding at that time too. She says you can’t conquer my heart again. She says you take advantage of the situation to marry me but I won’t fall for you. She says Randhir will be always in my heart. Veer says you are taking things in the wrong way. He says if you give me another chance, I will prove myself. Amrit suggests Veer get rid of your drinking and serve the people with complete honesty only then I might believe you. Nalini there asks one of her servants to find out Randhir.

Veer again tries to prove himself, but Amrit says that Nalini is right this time and you were at the fault. Just then Naman stops Vashma and eve-teased her. Vashma scolds her, but he blackmailed Vashma that he will disclose her secret to Nalini. Amrit comes to Vashma and asks about her, Vashma tells her about his job. Amrit asks if everything is fine, but Vashma leaves without saying a word. Later, Amrit is thinking about her destiny as first, she pretended as Randhir’s wife and now doing all this. Amrit gets sad. Tune in to Sony Tv at 9 PM and enjoy the complete episode. Never miss Kyu Utthe Dil Chod Aye written update, stay connected with Social Telecast.



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