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KZN Woman, 31, Stabs To Death Her Newborn Baby After Giving Birth In Shopping Centre Toilet


In recent news, officials have arrested a 31-year-old KwaZulu-Natal woman. She reportedly stabbed her newborn baby to death after she gave birth in a shopping center toilet. The shocking piece of news has surfaced all over the internet and has garnered the attention of everyone. It is no doubt to say that this happens to be the first case in itself. No one can even imagine that a mother can kill her own newborn baby on the day of its delivery only. Check further details of the matter in the article below.

KZN Woman 31 Stabs To Death Her Newborn Baby After Giving Birth In Shopping Centre Toilet

KZN Woman, 31, Stabs To Death Her Newborn Baby

According to paramedics, a 31-year-old mother from KwaZulu-Natal is in custody after reportedly killing her newborn child with a knife after giving birth in a shopping center restroom. Paramedics were called to the scene at a retail center in the Sundumbili neighborhood on Tuesday, according to Samantha Meyrick of IPSS Medical Rescue. When paramedics arrived, they discovered a woman carrying the body of a dead infant. “A call was received after a woman had reportedly given birth in the restrooms at the center.

After additional inquiry, it was determined that the mother had given birth to the child in the restrooms of the shopping center, but that she had later fatally stabbed the child with an unknown item, according to Meyrick. She said that the infant girl had been stabbed several times and that the mother had been arrested as a result of the event. Colonel Robert Netshiunda, a spokesman for the provincial police, stated that the 31-year-old lady was scheduled to appear before the Mtunzini Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

According to the allegations, the woman gave birth in the bathroom while using a pair of scissors to mortally stab her infant. Although the reason behind her taking this step has not come to the front yet, it is said that she did not want that child and was not in the right state of mind when she suddenly gave birth. A 14-year-old female has been charged with attempted murder after reportedly abandoning her 2-year-old child in an abandoned pit latrine in eMpangeni, northern KZN, according to a report in The Mercury’s sister publication Sunday Tribune last week. For more updates about the matter and the other trending and latest news, follow Social Telecast. Stay tuned to this space.


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