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Leighton Beach Airplane Crash Video: Mum And Son Survive


Today we are going to talk about the horrific crash video of Leighton Beach and this video is now running on the top of the internet and social media pages. This video surfaced over the internet and this crash incident took place in Western Australia. Many people are shocked after watching this video and many are still searching this video to watch and know about this video. Many social media users are hitting the search engine to know more about this viral and if you are also searching for this viral video then you arrive at the right place. Let us know more about this viral video in this article, so read continuously.

As per the exclusive news and information, this video shows a crash of a light plane off the coast of Washington State and there are two people inside the plane when this plane crashed. This plane crashed into the water of Leighton Beach which is situated in North Fremantle. According to the police reports, they both manage to escape from the crashed plane and arrive at the land.

This crash occurred about 30 to 50 meters offshore before being nearly completely submerged in the water. This crash incident took place some times before 05:00 pm on Thursday 20 April 2023. The reason behind this crash is coming out as engine failure while flying back to Jandakot from Carnarvon.

Leighton Beach Airplane Crash Video Mum And Son Survive

The place is identified as a Piper PA-28 Cherokee and the paramedics reached the incident place, they identified them as one is Michelle Yeates who is 45 years old and the other is her son Jacob who is 15 years old. They both are now safe and this incident makes everyone shock. After the crash, both mother and son were able to leave the aircraft and swim to reach land. This plane was set to make a flight from Geraldton to Jandakot Airport. The 45 years old is a commercial pilot and she was flying the plain with her son.

There are many videos available on the internet that shows the complete incident and this video is easy to watch on Youtube by searching the keyword “Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing Off Perth’s Leighton Beach”. There are also many people who are expressing their reactions toward this video. Police and Fire Service arrive at the incident after reporting this incident and began a rescue operation to save them both. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.


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