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Live: Barrister Babu Written Update 6th August 2021 Episode: Anirudh Proved Bondita Guilty


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu will start where Trilochan puts pressure on Anirudh that he should not take any decision without thinking, even if Bondita is guilty. Because he cannot forget what those people did 8 years ago and this enmity will not end so easily. Because all these children have become orphans because they killed their parents and before taking any decision, just think about them once. Further, Trilochan says that Anirudh is very intelligent and doesn’t need to explain anything as far as he is concerned, and, after a while, they reach the correct location of Panchayat.

Barrister Babu Latest Written update

Then Proceedings are initiated in which evidence and clarifications from both the parties are kept. Where Somnath presents all the things that Bondita sent before the competition for Anirudh, which also contains chemicals for itching. He further says that due to this Anirudh has not been able to get engraved in the competition and Bondita must be punished for it.

Barrister Babu Written Update

Bondita gives her explanation after hearing all accusations that she must have come but not as a spy but to remove the enmity between them. meantime, says that it is very necessary to erase enmity between the two villages and Anirudh can also testify about it.

At the same time, Bondita asks Anirudh that after 8 years he ate sweet, she made him laugh, she insisted on him for playing the Piano. So as far as everyone has concerned that it can not be a part of Spying, and meanwhile, she leaves the decision on Anirudh by saying that she will accept whatever decision he will take. Because is a witness of her all activities whatever she has done in Roy Chaudhary mansion. But Sumati keeps on making Bondita understand that please do not convey such statement that would have been converted in the controversy.

Another side, Thakurmaa also insisting her to tell a lie in front of the entire village but Bondita refuses her by saying that whether Sumati gave her birth, but Anirudh taught her how to survive in society. But Anirudh is not saying anything and Bondita says that she understood because his silence is proving her guilty. Bondita further says that now whatever punishment Anirudh will hear or the Panchayat will hear, she will be accepted because his silence has already made him guilty. So everyone punishes her for applying soot and black paint on her face and hears harsher punishments. So watch it on colors at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us. 


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