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Live: Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Grand Finale Winner Name Who Won BBK 8 Watch 8th August 2021 Episode


The moment you all were eagerly waiting for has now arrived as the date and time of the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has been fixed. So despite being surrounded by a lot of buzzes, the time has come for the Bigg Boss show to end, fulfilling the expectations of its fans. So in the information given below, you can see everything that which contestant is leading in the voting. Because the voting details and exclusive reports have arrived that will amaze you for sure, but still, their fans are placing the votings because they have only a few moments. 

bigg boss kannada 8

After doing a lot of blasts, now all the contestants are looking towards their victory because in the coming few hours their wait will be over and we will get our winner. Many predictions are coming out which are creating a storm somewhere, not only among the fans but also among the contestants. But as it is being told that this time two contestants are trending on the voting poll one is Manju Pavagada and second is KP Aravind and there is going to be a close fight between the two. So now you are keen to know to get a glance at recent voting trends so checks them below. 

BBK 8 Grand Finale

If we talk about all the contestants so everyone has done their best, but now only five of them have done such an amazing performance, from the very beginning and reach the grand finale. These five contestants are Manju Pavagada, KP Aravind, Divya Uruduga, Prashanth Sambargi, and Vaishnavi. Their fans keep on placing their votes so that, their favorite will make the show on their name as the winner because just in a few moments the winner’s name will declare. But as per the latest trends or the sources, Manju Pavagada is leading along with KP Aravind.

Since the audience has come to know that both the contestants are leading with only a small margin, the confusion between them has increased. Because it should not happen that the votes of both are the same, which can be very shocking, in view of this, voting trends have also been released. But after all the efforts the makers have removed the concerns of the fans because like every time there will be only one winner, that is different that there will be very little difference between the winner and first runner up so let’s take a look at the current voting trends.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Vote

  • Manju – 35.77% (48841 votes)
  • Aravind – 29.92% (27853 votes)
  • Vaishnavi – 26.08% 14024 votes)
  • Prashant – 19.38% (11240 votes)
  • Divya U – 5.85% (9210 votes)

Still, votings numbers are being counted by the makers because viewers are placing their votes and therefore the result can overturn the circumstances at any moment. Millions of people are giving so many votes for their favorite contestant that you can’t even guess at what time the game will come out of their hands. Because everyone is doing their best and their fans are also leaving no stone unturned in their own way to win their favorite character. So today the grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 will be aired at 6 pm, which you all are eagerly waiting for.

Bigg Boss Kannada Winenr

If sources are to be believed, then at this time all the netizens on social media are eager and worried for the victory of their favorite contestants. Because all the results that have come from the voting polls as per the exclusive details, have been released in front of you and somewhere it will help you for Knowing whether your favorite contestants will win this time or not as so many speculations have come to the fore can also take you by surprise. All the fans have their eyes fixed on every motion method so that no detail is lost from their sight because only today is the day of the audience.

As per the exclusive report, Contestant Manju Pavagada is leading the voting trends which seems quite overwhelming for his fans who are following him from the beginning. Manju Pavagada is one of the too finest contestants ever in the Bigg Boss house because he takes his all decision in a too sagacious way, that made his fans amazed. This is the reason that he is leading the voting poll and there are massive chances of his victory. But at the same time contestant, KP Aravind is also too close to him on the voting trends and still a few hours pending in the grand finale.

So now it is interesting to watch which contestant will make the show on their name as the winner because, circumstances can change at any time whose consequences will change the result. Both KP Aravind and Manju Pavagada have wide fan followings and hence, both have chances to win it. We have released all the other details which will help you to watch the show on time as the name of the winner is still in the hands of the makers. So do not forget to stream it on Colors Kannada TV and for further details stay connected with us. 


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