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Live Dance Deewane Season 3 DD3 19th June 2021 Wild Card Week: Jaaved Jaaferi Graces Today’s Episode


Hello, all the entertainment lovers get ready for another enthraling episode of Dance Deewane. The ongoing season of the gigantic reality dance is providing immense entertainment to all of its viewers. So, this time again all the contestants are looking forward to the latest round. Along with all the remarkable dance performances of all of our highly versatile dancers, one of the legendary dancers Naved Jaffery is coming as the guest to grace the show. So, get ready to seize the entertainment with the all-new episode of Dance Deewane. Obtain all the information about the show here.

Live Dance Deewane Season 3 DD3 19th June 2021 Wild Card Week: Jaaved Jaaferi Graces Today's Episode

Alongside, Naved, another dancing legend and one of the most talented and reputed actors of the film industry Javed Jaffrey also coming on the stage to fourfold the charm. Javed and Naved have huge stardom and all of their fans are quite excited to see their favourite stars on the screen after a long. It is sure that the upcoming episode will be surely captivating as Javed is considered as one of the most entertaining actors and a wonderful dancer too. We all are going to experience a lot of fun with all the judges, hosts and dance performances.

 So, it is time to get rid of all the stress and grief as both the dancing legends are going to share the stage after a long while. In between, the host of the show Raghav asks Javed and Madhuri that they both featured in a movie 100 days, then he requests that it would be splendid if you both come on the stage and showcase some of your incredible moves. Both the stars get agreed and dance together on their “Dil Dil”.It is a dynamic performance by both the legends, everyone gets profoundly thrilled with the marvellous performance.

So, this will be the wild card week and along with all the judges both Jaffrey, brother is going to select the wild cards entrants. Later, another judge Dharmesh Yelande shows his gratitude toward Javed and Naved. Dharmesh considered Javed as his teacher and he thanks him for their support in commencing his career in the dance industry. Dharmesh shares that his family had been going through a financial crisis. But things got changed when he won Boogie Woogie. Dharmesh says he is grateful to the Jaffrey Brother. The current season the aired a total of 33 episodes so far. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates regarding Dance Deewane Season 3.


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