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Live News: Hathras Rape Case Manisha Valmiki’s Family Refused For Narco Test & CBI Inquiry


The teenager who was brutally gang-raped by four men and was struggling for her life has died on Tuesday early in the morning. The 19-year-old belonged to Hathras district, Uttar Pradesh, where this frightening incident took place. The girl was admitted to Safdarjung hospital in Delhi while having numerous injuries on her body but on 29th September, the rape victim couldn’t survive further and took her last breath. The incident has turned into an outrage where people are demanding justice for the victim and have been trending various hashtags with her name, Manisha Valmiki. manisha-valmiki-rape-murder

The terrifying incident happened on 14th September where four upper-caste men gang-raped the Dalit girl who was working in the fields along with her brother and mother when her brother went for some other work while she was at some distance from her mother. The rapists utilized the opportunity and gang-raped her in those same fields which led the victim to get her spine broken. The guilty didn’t halt there and further attempted to strangle her to death which resulted in Manisha’s tongue getting cut while she got some serious injuries. The rapists ran away from there leaving the girl behind.According to the statement released by the officials, her mother witnessed her body which was covered in blood and had no clothes on, lying on the field. Her mother even revealed that the accused men hold a record of molesting the lower-cast in that area. The girl’s family admitted her to the hospital fortnight ago where she was shifted to Delhi later wherein the Safdarjung hospital at 3:00 AM, she passed away. The incident has gained the attention of netizens who are appealing for justice to be served with the hashtag #justiceformanisha while some have gotten on the roads to protest. If we talk about evil culprits their names include Love Kush, Ravi, Sandeep, and Ramu who performed this heinous crime.


The incident has yet again awakened the citizens who are remembering the Nirbhaya’s case, a Delhi girl who was gang-raped in 2012 and lost her life while battling to survive and how after some years later the people with this wretched mentality are still roaming freely. The rape-victim fought for consecutive 14 days but at last, she lost the battle of life. The media has taken the responsibility to spread the news and has been demanding justice for this Hathras gang-rape victim.


Some celebrities have also spoken on the matter while the politicians have also been requesting to take strict actions against the culprits. Recently, the chief minister of UP has informed that the prime minister, Modi has ordered to impose severe charges on the culprits while Yogi Adityanath has formed a team to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Live Updates 5th October 2020

After the protest over the gang-rape of the 19-year-old girl, the accusations have been shifted to the victim’s family where it has been surfaced that Manisha Valmiki was murdered by her own brother and mother while the accused persons are not guilty. Some theories have also been circulating claiming that some very huge conspiracy has been made to malign Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister, Yogi Adityanath’s reputation.

A huge number of people gathered at the residence of the former MLA, Rajvir Singh Pahalwan which resulted in the arrival of the police team to avoid any ruckus. According to the reports, the victim’s family has refused for CBI investigation along with the conduction of the Narco test while the accused’s family has come forward and appealed for the CBI investigation.

Rajvir Singh stated that the case is altogether a conspiracy to ruin the prestige of the Htahras district and even blamed the opposition parties which includes Congress, SAPA, BASPA, and Bhim Army, and continued that is was a political stunt to provoke the people of the upper caste and the lower caste.

The CA Manvir Singh also accused the Manisha’s family of murdering their own daughter and proving themselves the victim and getting the compensation of 25 lakhs from the government alongside a government residence and a government job. Let’s see how the investigation unfolds further. We pay homage to the departed soul and pray for justice to be served as early as possible.




  1. just cut their pennies into pieces and then give capital punishment .shame on all male characters !!! shame !!! itna bhuk ha??????? ak bachhe ko bhi nahi chorte.chee!!! immediately the rapist should be prisoned and encounter.jusice for Manisha Valmiki πŸ™

  2. These things are not going to stop the way justice is delivered in India. Extremely harsh punishment should be mandated for such crimes and within a short period it should be imposed.

  3. A kind request to government just cut their both legs and hands and also toungue infront of Media to see all over India…then not they overall Indian people will fear about that…because without legs, eyes,and hands can’t do anything just cut them…nothing is hell then that for such kind of people….just follow the govt this kind Of suggestion enough to somewhat stopping rape cases I think so…its my kind Request to our govt….πŸ˜“πŸ˜”

  4. Very severe punishment should be imposed like other countries do and cut them in to pieces that no other man can dare to spoil any innocent life ever.

  5. This is happening only bcoz our law system is not strong….the delay in justice causes this type of crimes to happen again n agin …..why to wait……they should be hanged as soon as they found guilty

  6. Break all the bones and body parts of the rapists infront of everyone ….
    Let all the men see them and understand how the justice in india will be if they do any inevitable and dirty acts like rapes…
    For this we should first improve the indian law system…
    Let her soul rest in peace …πŸ™πŸ™
    And the rapists should be hanged to death ….they deserve it….

      • Yaaro neenu? Useless bastard. Wat the hell you are commenting on others’ comments? You are the dumbass. Jackass. Horrible fellow. U’re supporting rapists. Disgusting men. All men are worst than beasts. Hanging not enough for rapists. Their limbs, spines, tongues and penis should be cut. They should bleed to death.

  7. Punishment should be sevior to such criminals… They should shiver seeing the punishment, till then these bastards will not stop.. Government should take action immediately… Not to delay in giving justice..No human rights should involve, blody if they get involved punish them too in public

  8. Ku abhi Tak rapist ko kuch bhi nhi kiya logo nay bhi aur baday baday political parties k logo nay bhii
    Like seriously ,πŸ˜­πŸ˜– the girl (victum ) has all ready died then also no serious actions has been taken about this case
    Really need to change some rules and regulations about our policies and political system.🀐
    My question is to each and every individual who is reading this text is that ” why every time only female has been raped why not male ” ???

  9. The girl statement is recorded. Now do the encounter like Hydrabad style. UP police kya baratiyo ka intejar kar raha hai? Kill those bastards.

  10. those culprits should not ran away. Catch them as soon as possible. They should be given such a punishment that no one could ever think of doing such things. Before hanging them every part of body should be broken so they could feel the pain😑. And my deep condolence to their family members πŸ™

  11. It’s time to take action, ctach those shit people and give them severe punishment so that no one could ever think of doing such things.. Give them 3rd torture and cut their every part of body before hanging …
    Deep condolences to their member πŸ™

  12. Bas bolane se ku6 mah hoga road pr avo sab log or ek hoke avaj uthao.or ham se sarkar he sarkar se ham nahi ye bat smjlo plz vrna gulami dur nahi he plz jag jao youth. Avaj uthao plz ye sochake ki ye apki apni bahen he vrna kisi din apni bahen ke sath ku6 hoga to muh dikha skoge aaine me khud ko

    • Maane, you’re an absolute idiot of a human being. The poor girl is innocent and didn’t deserve this.
      This sort of torture should happen to you tenfold and we’ll see if you’re laughing then.

  13. BURN THEM BLOODY IN PUBLIC,, these things to be avoided , this kind of incidents more in india only from the word aaryaputra and something…. thu,,,

  14. This is really sad! When will be the daughters of this country be safe!? The culprits don’t even deserve death! They should be tortured! Frankly speaking… They should be raped! I’d like to put on my point on this… The RAPISTS should be RAPED! These rapists should experience the same damn thing whatever the innocent rape victims have faced! Every life’s got a value! Can’t afford to lose them because of such morons! If they are spared now… Who knows tomorrow who’s gonna be the next victim… It can be anyone… Let’s leave no chance for such thing happening ever again!


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