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Live Roadies Revolution Grand Finale Winner Name Today’s Latest Episode 16th January 2021 Check Who Won


The adventurous and thrilling reality show that goes by the name Roadies Revolution is all set to premiere its Grand Finale episode. The eighteenth season surely topped the TRP charts and became the most viewed non-fiction show on MTV. But as every beautiful thing has to end someday, the show is also nearing its final destination. The Finale episode of the youth show will take place on 16th January 2021 in which a final task will be performed by the two finalists and one of them will be declared as the 18th season’s winner. The finalists who will compete this Saturday are Michael, Hamid, and Jayant.

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All the finalists will spare no effort to grab the attractive position and will perform their utmost to defeat their rival. The finalists belong to different leaders as Michael hails from Nikhil Chinappa’s team, Jayant is from Varun Sood’s team. As they secured the victory in the previous “Oppo Battle Stars” Task, they bagged the golden opportunity to perform in the finals. It was the eighteenth task of this tremendous eighteenth season and certainly an important one for the contestants battling against each other.

Roadies Revolution Finale Winner Name

  • Hamid

This task also marked two former roadies coming back in the show. Yes, Aman and Arushi Chawla, who had gotten voted-out in the 16th task, “Dumb Laga Ke Charades” and the 13th task “Drone Survivor” sequentially. They returned to the battleground to mark their participation and war for the winning trophy. Besides the duo, other ex-contestants also reached to grace the show and to show their support to the competitors.

After giving a mind-blowing performance in the previously held Semi finale task, Jayant, Michael, and Hamid not just got the chance to battle in the finale but also helped Nikhil and Varun to participate in the finale episode for the very forts time. Yes, in a series of seasons that have taken place, no roadies from Nikhil Chinappa’s team could qualify for the semi-finals but this season did some miracle and the leader eventually ended up being in the finals. While Varun Sood who joined the game show as a temporary replacement for Raftaar also gained the chance to appear in the grand finale episode.

However, Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula’s team also tried to bag the position but they got defeated by the leading teams. Ranvijay Singh, the popular host announced the names who qualified for the finals. So far, Nikhil has gotten the maximum number of stars that is 4 while Varun has 3 stars in his account. Prince contains only 2 stars while Neha Dhupia is in the bottom with only one star.

The roadies who were in a race to reach the final destination and were giving each other tough fights includes Abhimanyu, Akash, Jayant, Michael, Poonam, Hamid, and Vipin. Well, out of them Michael, Jayant, and Hamid won the task and reached here. Now, this Saturday, it will be revealed which participant among the trio will win the reality show and who will return to his home. However, as per the speculations going around, Hamid Barkzi is expected to become the winner of the MTV Roadies Revolution. Tune in tomorrow at 7 PM to witness the Grand Finale of the reality show.


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