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Live Splitsvilla X3/13 Today’s Latest Episode 19th June 2021: Power Pack Weekend With Love Friendship & Fight


The viewers will witness the 16th episode of the popular dating reality show Splitsvilla X3 Season 13 this Saturday. Last week was no less than a roller coaster ride as the contestants faced a fiery dome session. From exciting tasks to the major arguments happening between the contestants, the show saw everything. However, this weekend a very special task will get commenced under the title ‘Hum App Ke Hai Kon’. As clear from the title itself, the task is related to App and will result in the participants indulging in a war afterwards. While it will also affect the upcoming eliminations of the contestants from the MTV show.

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The aforementioned task will begin with the female contestants giving tags that will be related to the app names such as Chudail Alert, Snakechat and many more. Though two women participants will get into a fight after the task as usual. Yes, Nikita Bhamidapti will target Bhoomika Vasisth as she will give her triggering tags, making the latter fume in anger. Apart from this task that will be organized on 19th June this Saturday, a lot of chaos will be seen in the villa. Since Kevin Almasifar and his team has been failing to deliver good performances in the tasks, they will be seen getting annoyed.

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Now, this latest task of the reality show has brought golden opportunities for the contestants to shine. As every task comes with some special advantages and powers, this one will also provide the winner of the task with an advantage which will be revealed in the episode only. Though, the chances of emerging out as the winner are bent towards the wild card entrant Sapna Malik who might grab the victory this time. While Silver connection challenge will also give the connections to bring a change in their destiny to stay in the villa and for their further dynamics.

As per reports, the winning pair of Silver Connection Task will get an opportunity to become the next Gold Villa couple. At present, there are two ideal matches in the show including Kat and Kevin and Jay and Aditi where the latter became the second ideal match in the last episode. Now, who will become the third ideal match would be interesting to watch. Speaking of the eliminations, Samruddhi gt evicted last week and became the 6th evicted contestant in MTV Splitsvilla X3 Season 13. However, this week, Vyomesh could get eliminated.


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