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Live Udaariyaan 11th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Tejo Gets Divorced Fateh


The recent episode of Udaariyaan begins where Fateh’s mother gets a heart attack and Jasmine gets a brutal accident, at the same time, two huge problems are being faced by Fateh and his entire family. While treatment, the doctor figures out that if she gets one more attack then they will not save her life at all. As similar as he informed her family and ask them to fulfill her all wishes, because if she gets one more attack then it will be proven lethal and she could pass away too. Fateh and his family get shocked to hear all this because they did not expect that the problem will take such a worst face.

Udaariyaan 11th sep

As soon as Tejo gets news about Fateh’s mother’s condition she rushes back to his residence because she needs her, and Tejo can not leave her alone with them. Meanwhile, she enters back in “Virk Niwas”. But she makes sure Fateh that no matter what happens but do not expect that she will accept his apology and forgive him for all those exploits which he has done with her along with Jasmine. At the same time, Jasmine shows her real side and takes her luggage to Fateh’s room after discharge from the hospital.

Later, Jasmine meets Tejo and informs her that she will occupy Fateh’s room soon as she has occupied him from Tejo’s life. But Tejo replies hardly that she has to do more efforts to win their hearts, because everyone has a different perception of her. So it is too difficult for her but Jasmine challenges Tejo that she knows the way better than her. Hence, she goes to Fateh and starts inflaming him against Tejo by saying that he should take divorce from Tejo as soon as possible, so that, they can marry.

After a while, Fateh comes to Tejo along with Divorce papers while she is taking care of his grandmother, and says that he brought the divorce papers and she should sign them as soon as she can. Because he has his entire life, therefore, he does not want to waste his time, Tejo gets a minor shock because still, his grandmother is recovering and despite this, he is interested to take a divorce. But she does not say anything and assures him that she also wants to take divorce him as soon as possible. So watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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