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Louisville Bank Shooting: Who Was Connor Sturgeon? Live CCTV Footage Video Viral


A 23 years old boy who was a bank employee opened fire at his own bank workplace in Louisville on Monday morning with a recorded live stream on Instagram. This terrifying and shocking incident happened in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday 10th April 2023. This news is spreading all over the world. People scare but also want to know the reason and what happened there. We will tell you the answers to all your question.to know more about this incident and who was involved in this case and if anyone was injured or dead and what the police said please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Louisville Bank Shooting

The suspect and ex-employee of the Old National Bank who fired the gun in his own workplace the bank identified as Connor Sturgeon. According to the police, Five people were killed including a personal friend of the Kentucky governor who was identified as Joshua Barrick 40 years old, Deana Eckert 57 years old, Juliana Farmers 45 years old and the last two is Thomas Eliot 63 years old, and James  Tutt 64 years old. The bank was not open at that time to the public when the surgeon entered and started the firing around 8.30 am Then suddenly he get shot by the police.

Louisville Bank Shooting

According to officials, Sturgeon had written a letter in which he told his parents and family to shoot up the bank and also post the story on his Instagram before this incident and also did streaming live of this. Police cleared the streets as they soon arrived, according to LMPD Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey, and engaged the shooter inside. He said that the responding officers and the shooter engaged in gunfire. The suspect passed away due to engaging with the police.

In this accident total of 5 people were killed and it is unknown if he did suicide or was encounter the police. Nine people, including two police officers and seven civilians, were admitted after the incident. After the shooting, local and federal police sealed off Sturgeon’s street and searched his house, and spoke with his neighbors to see if they could find any evidence. Police continue an investigation into this case if they find something else. Connor Sturgeon fired a gun in his own workplace at the bank and 5 people were killed with 9 others injured after this he also got shot and died.  police investigation is continuing and trying to find out any other information relating to this case. for more updates stay tuned with us.


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