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Love Island Season 7 Episode 25 Spoilers Preview: 3 New Entries Bring ‘Triple Threat’ & Elimination


The latest episode 25 of Love Island Season 7 will be about the Islanders getting to know more about the three new entries in the land. Yes, Georgia, Tyler, and Abigail will be the new members who will be entering the Island in today’s episode. The existing participants will get a notification where it will be stated that the contestants will get a triple threat meaning three new contestants are all set to become part of the seventh season. Episode 25 will be released on July 22, 2021, at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT. The 50 minutes long episode will certainly entertain the viewers tonight.

Love Island Season 7 Episode 25 Spoilers Preview: 3 New Entries Bring 'Triple Threat' & Elimination

Besides, getting along with one another, the existing contestants will also face some distance in their relationship. Toby and Chloe will be seen distant as they will call off their relationship while they will also try to find another partner. The new entry Abigail will start showing interest in Toby. The duo might get along well while Chloe still has to look for her partner. It is expected that the new male entrant might become her connection as she seemed to show some interest in him. On another side, Tyler and Kaz will get into a heated argument and will become the highlight of the new episode.

The viewers will also see more of Georgia and Hugo. Episode 25 can be watched on ITV while it is also available on NEON, Hulu, CBS, Paramount+, and 9NOW. Though, to watch new episodes on these above-mentioned streaming sites, one must have a subscription. Apart from that, you can purchase or even rent previous or latest episodes on Amazon Prime Video. Interestingly, some of the highlights of the show are also available on the official YouTube channel of the reality show. Speaking of the previous episode 24, it had featured Liberty attempting to pair up Tyler with Kaz.

At the end of the episode, Liberty’s hard work had paid off as Tyler admitted that he likes Kaz. He stated that he likes girls who are cute with having an energetic personality and Kaz seems to have all of these. Besides, Abigail had shared that she has not been in a relationship for the past year and mentioned her crushes being Zac Effron and Chris Brown. While two contestants also got eliminated from Love Island Season 7. Danny and AJ exited the land after the separate groups of boys and girls selected their names. Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates on the show.


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