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‘Love Island’ Star Kaz Crossley Speaks Out After Being Arrested and Jailed in the Middle East


There is a piece of news is flowing on the internet and various other social media pages that Kaz Crossley was being arrested. She is a star of social media and also of reality TV. She has a massive amount of fans around the world and on her social media pages who are now raising many questions related to her arrest. She is most popular after playing the best role or performance in Season 4 of the reality series Love Island as an Islander. Let us what happened to her and what is the reason behind her arrest in this article, so read it continuously and completely.

Kaz Crossley

According to the news and information, She was stopped by the authorities during a layover in the United Arab Emirates and arrested when she was flying to Thailand. The reason behind her arrest is coming out as a video in which she is seen using drugs in Dubai three years ago. This video is said as three years old and now she is arrested on this video basis. Her arrest Incident took place in the middle east on Thursday and she also shares that it is the first time since was arrested and charged earlier this month when she is going to fly into Abu Dhabi.

She shares in an Instagram video that she was charged and arrested during a layover from England to Thailand and the reason for her arrest is a video of her from around three years prior. In that video, she is seen as using drugs in the  United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. She also shares a long message after this incident and a video on her social media account. She was born on 27 October 1994 and she is currently 28 years old. She carries a large number of fans on her social media accounts.

Her real and complete name is Kazmir Crossley and she grew up in the United Kingdom along with her brother. She begins her career as a makeup artist and finished her education at a high school. This news is rapidly running on the top of the internet or other social media pages where many of her fans and loved ones support her at this time period. There is not extensive information coming forward related to this topic of her arrest and we will update our article after receiving any news or information related to this topic. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to read more articles on other exciting news topics.


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