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Love Under The Full Moon Episode 25 Release Date Time & Preview


iQIYI has been delivering some excellent Chinese dramas lately. Recently, they released “Love Under the Full Moon” where the fans got to witness a sweet love story with a twist of time travel. Released in late August, the drama has been gaining the immense attention of the fans. It has taken the fans through a rollercoaster of different kinds of emotions. So far, 24 episodes have been released that garnered good responses from the viewers. Now, the fans are eager to know about the release date of episode 25 and what will happen next in the story.

Love Under The Full Moon Episode 25 Release Date Time Preview

The viewers have flooded social media with discussions if episode 25 will air with a season 2 or will get released in upcoming weeks only. Well, we are here to end your curiosity about the same. We will provide all the information on the forthcoming episode and the preview and spoilers of it as well. Before finding out about the story of this upcoming ep, let’s quickly take a look at the story of previous episodes. In episode 1, the fans saw all the leading characters. The story started with Lei Chu Xia getting chased by someone on one whole moon night in 2011.

The twist arrives when Chu Xia falls down the cliff as the timeline shift to 10 years later. Now, on the exact moon night, we saw that a video game update launch was taking place. When Xu Xiao Dong, the programmer of the said game, goes on stage, the server goes down along with the screen turning blank. The crew gets confused while Xiao Dong also looks around to get an answer about the sudden problem. Meanwhile, Chu Xia falls from the sky in Xiao Dong’s arms. Since then Chu Xia tries to run away from him, she keeps getting teleported back to him.

There is no option left for the pair other than to always remain together. Dong teaches her so many things like riding a bike and more while also takes her to shop. The interesting plot was what made the viewers hooked to the edge of their seats. Now, they are curious to know if there will be an episode 25. Let us inform you that season 1 ends with episode 24 only that was released on September 18, 2021. However, it is speculated that the makers might bring a brand new season, considering the popularity of the show. Stay tuned with us to know more about the Chinese drama.


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