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Luis Del OLMO Dies at 99 Donceles Creator Cause Of Death? How Did He Died


The creator of famous comic book series called Don Celes has left the world at the age of 99. Readers of the famous comic series are mourning the death of the maker Luis del Olmo and some have shown their love and respect towards him saying that if there are still some other stories have left from his pen so it should continue to be published in the honor of him so that his last penned down words and characters will remain alive in readers hearts. Well, you must be searching about, How did Luis del Olmo die? so be here till the end.

donceles creator luis del olmo

GOIAN BEGO LUIS DEL OLMO! the creator of Don Celes who was playing a very important role in the lives of readers of country’s newspaper readers on daily basis and his death has left so many people in shock where some have requested the newspaper to publish his rest of stories on daily basis in a quite well manner so that the audience will be reading the story for more time and make kick start their day as they used to do with Luis Del Olmo’s stories. As there are not many details are available on the internet so here we try our best to let you know about his life and carrier.

The writer was recently turned 99 and just after turned 99 he left the world and also the character for which he did not take even a single day off and made his character’s life longer so that his story can tickle his audience. Well, there is no doubt that he never drops his pencil and his determination to keep the Don Celes alive and make that more interesting for the readers. Saying this won’t be a bad thing that Don Celes has became his first identity due to which people have kept his image in their brains.

Talking about his life so Luis del Olmo was born in Spain’s Bilbao on the 24th of August in the year 1922. The interesting or better say scary factor about his life is, he used to avoid chats when anyone raises a question to reveal his teenage and the reason behind this was, his father was disappeared during the Civil was and as his father was a Republican so no doubt his father had to fight and this was the reason he lost his father in a very young age and returned back home after many years and then they started to live a life of poverty and fear and this is the reason he always avoided chats whenever someone used to ask him about his life and all because these kinds of questions always remind him the scary time which had passed away and he did not want to remember the time of hunger and all. His fans are mourning his death and we pray that his soul may rest in peace.


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