Home General News Madison Scott Disappearance: Remains of B.C. Woman Found After 12 Years

Madison Scott Disappearance: Remains of B.C. Woman Found After 12 Years


Today we are here to provide with you all the information and details about the missing person whose body was found in California. This news comes as a relief but with great sadness and grief. The remains of a Canadian woman missing for twelve years have been found at a Rural Property. Let see what is the entire matter and what happened to him. To know more details about this case drag down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Madison Scott Disappearance

Madison Scott Disappearance

Disappearance is a worldwide problem. Over the last few decades, the World has been shocked by accounts of tens of thousands of people who are known to have disappeared due to one or another reason. Forced disappearances have an effect on the individual, his/her family, and the community as a whole. The problems that family members of disappeared persons face are complex and can be overwhelming.

Madison Scott

The missing person who was remained found in East Vanderhoof central  British Columbia identified as Maddison Scott as Maddy. Scott disappeared on 29 May 2011. Before a day ago her missing she was last seen at 3 am on 28 May when she went to celebrate her friend’s birthday party at Hogsback Lake the lake was near where remains were discovered.

Remains of B.C. Woman Found After 12 Years

Her family is immersed in sorrow after hearing this that she will be not with them anymore and have relief that they found her remains so they can do a funeral. If Maddison would alive this year she will be 32 years old and get married also.

Maddison was a kind and down-to-earth person she was involved in several activities hockey, softball, and photography business. Madison was a vibrant, free-spirited, loyal, and kind individual. When not hard at work at her parent’s family business, Madison submerges herself in family, friends, hockey, softball, and photography.

According to the reports, There is no connection with Madison or information about anyone arrested and suspected disappearance of her. Many relatives have searched in vain for their loved ones, year after year. We know mothers of disappeared children who, after almost 12 years was still hoping for their missing child to appear but Madison mothers hope comes with a dark reality that her child is no longer living with them and she is resting in peace now. Madison’s family has missed out on watching her become a wife, mother, and aunt. Madison and her family deserve justice and closure. We hope her soul will be rest in peace.


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