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Madya Pradesh: Namibian Female Cheetah Sasha Dies in Kuno National Park


There is a shocking piece of news is coming out related to the death of Namibian cheetah Sasha who passed away 6 months later coming to India. She died in Kuno National Park, Madya Pradesh, India, and her death news is getting too much attention on the internet and many social media platforms. She was one of the eight cheetahs brought from Namibia to India and she was a five-year-old female cheetah. These kinds of cheetahs are mostly founded in the Southeast of Africa also known as Namibia. Let us know what happened to this cheetah and the cause of her death in this article, so read continuously.

Namibian Cheetah Sasha Dies in Kuno National Park

According to the reports and information, The cheetah took her last breath on Monday 27 March 2023 at Kuno National Park in Madya Pradesh, India. She was suffering from a problem of kidney-related ailment and her death has cast a shadow on the ambitious cheetah reintroduction project of Centre. She died after renal failure in the Park and the forest department of Madya Pradesh stated that they discover her health deteriorating on 22 March. After the examination and blood tests by veterinarians who discloses her infection of the kidneys. Although, it’s not the first time. Her kidney-related problem was also noticed in January by the authorities.

Namibian Female Cheetah Sasha Dies

It is also shared that she was suffering from dehydration and lethargy kind of problems. After founding many problems in her such as lazing in her big enclosure on 23 January, she was transferred into quarantine by the authorities for treatment. Her blood test reports stated that she has high levels of creatinine in her blood or urine and pointed out that the kidney is not filtering the blood properly. Later, it is confirmed that she is suffering from many chronic kidney diseases. The creatinine level of blood in her is around 400 but not much information has been related to her reports.

This news is now gaining a huge reaction on the internet and many users of social media are sharing various praying messages and expressing their sorrows for her loss. Cheetahs are known to be delicate creatures of nature and they have a thin and small frame that helps them to increase their speed in running and are mostly built for speed. Many people love cheetahs and they have great speed in running among other animals. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest news topics.


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