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Magical Performances Super Dancer Chapter 4: Bollywood Jodi Govinda & Neelam Arrive 5th June 2021 Episode


Sony TV’s popular reality show Super Dancer Chapter 4 has been the reason for entertainment for many ever since it began. No weekend goes by the talented kids impressing the viewers with their exceptional moves. Tonight, the kids will present the same level of energetic dances while some renowned personalities will join the show. As per the promos of the show, Bollywood actor Govinda will grace the dance reality set along with the gorgeous actress Neelam. These guests will arrive to duplicate the fun whereas the contestants will pay a sort of tribute to the Bollywood Jodi by dancing to their hit songs.

Super Dancer Chapter 4

“Bollywood Jodi” is also the theme for tonight’s episode and is going to be super entertaining as usual. After the celebrities’ grand entry on the song ‘Pehla Pehla Pyar’, the series of mind-blowing performances begun. Pruthviraj arrived on the stage with his super guru Subhranil. The duo has been delivering epic performances since the beginning as it was no surprise that they mesmerized the arrived guests with this one either. They selected the superhit song of Govinda “Main Se Mina Se” and gave a commendable performance on it.

Once the duo finished performing, Govinda couldn’t resist showering the pair in praises. The actor stated that he has seen someone performing his style better than him for the first time. Neelam also appreciated the hard work and the level of energy throughout their performance. Anurag Basu, one of the judges of the dance show mentioned the creative choreography behind the song. The Indian director called Shubranil a Genius choreographer.

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The praises didn’t stop here as another judge Shilpa Shetty Kundra gave their performance a ‘Seedhi’ ovation. Since ‘Mai Se Mina Se’ emerged out as the biggest track of those times, Neelam got a little emotional as the song took her memory down the lane. The actress added that when the song was shot, they had not imagined that it would achieve this success and even after 30 years of its release, people will still dance on it.

The duo even joined the stage and danced to the song along with other contestants and the judges. Sharing memories of the song, Neelam stated that since she was not good at English in earlier times, she used to talk English with Govinda and the latter would only reply with ‘Yes yes’ ‘No no’ and ‘Ok ok’ which she thought was cute. Neelam added that she told her mother that Govinda was very sweet. Undoubtedly, Super Dancer Chapter 4 tonight’s episode is going to be a package of entertainment.


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