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Malikah Shabazz Cause Of Death Malcolm X’s Daughter Found Dead In Her Brooklyn Home


Another saddening news is coming forward where it is reported that the daughter of Malcolm X, Malikah Shabazz, has died. According to the New York Police Department, on Monday, November 22, Malikah Shabazz was found dead at her own house. Shabazz’s lifeless body was firstly found by her daughter while the police confirmed to the media about finding no indication of foul play at the moment. Shabazz who was just 56-years-old was the daughter of minister Malcolm X and was born after the latter was assassinated. Here’s everything we know about their deaths.

Malikah Shabazz

As per reports, Malikah Shabazz’s death news came just days after two men who were convicted for her father’s murder were released of the murder charges after serving decades in prison. It is really suspicious that a woman whose father was killed earlier culprits get exonerated and two days after her dead body gets found. Reports claim that Malikah was recovered dead inside her Brooklyn home. It was also confirmed by the New York Police Department that the daughter of the 56-years-old found the dead body. Despite all the possibilities of the murder by the same culprits, local media claims that the death did not appear to be suspicious.

It is also reported that Shabazz was found unresponsive and unconscious before 4:30 PM. The police department has started the investigation into her suspicious death and has been trying to find Malikah Shahbazz cause of death. Besides, her body will also be sent to postmortem to find out if she was murdered or just died naturally. After Malikah’s death news got announced, Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter took to social media to express her sadness and sympathies. She wrote that she is terribly grieved by the sudden passing of Malikah Shabazz and mentioned how Malcolm’s wife was pregnant with Malikah and her twin sister Malaak when Malcolm was killed.

Talking about the shocking assassination of the African-American human rights activist Malcolm X, he was killed in 1965. As per reports, three men were convicted under the charges of murder and recently two of them got released. The culprits who went by the names Muhammad Aziz and the late Khalil Islam came out to be wrongfully convicted after a two-year investigation. Malcolm X’s death gets still questioned till now as it was quite unexpected. Now, his daughter has also died mysteriously. Our thoughts and sincere prayers go out to Malikah Shabazz’s family.


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