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Man Fatally Shot in The Head Inside New York City Smoke Shop, Police Reports


A Heart-wrenching video has come from New York City. On Sunday, March 9, a cold-blooded homicide captured a man being shot in the head by a gunman inside a smoke shop in Harlem. This incident of shooting is in a string of violent crimes which is linked to the Big Apple. Around 8 pm, At 304 Lenox Avenue, Officers found the 36-year-old victim inside the tobacco shop. The unidentified person was shot in the head and back, it is claimed by Law enforcement sources. After being transported to NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem, the victim was declared dead, stated by the Authorities. Police also stated that the victim and the suspect got involved in an altercation before the shooting.

Man Fatally Shot in The Head Inside New York City

According to New York Post, the gunman and the victim can be seen speaking on video for a while. After that, the incident happened. How had the suspect attacked the victim?
The two men were involved in a heated argument and several people standing nearby them, could be seen in the video. As shown in the video, the victim eventually appeared to start walking away, but just as he did, a firearm is grabbed by the suspect from the victim’s pocket and fired, victim, got a wound in the head. The footage also revealed that into the victim’s back, while the victim was still trying to get up after he had fallen to the ground, the shooter savagely fired another bullet. After following the horrifying assault, the suspect was seen walking calmly out of the restaurant.

Man Fatally Shot in The Head Inside New York City

While wearing a dark-colored outfit, he fled on foot, said by the Police. At the moment, there haven’t been any arrests made. Many people have reacted to the incident on Twitter. One of the people writing, “How do you unapologetically and blatantly stand before a shop full of people and snuff out another person’s life? Someone’s brother, father, uncle or son! Just how? It’s heinous and pure evil!!” Another person wrote, “Do Police force even arrest people in NYC for murder anymore?”

Another tragic incident On April 9, Sunday, in addition to the Harlem location, employees at another smoke shop also sought police assistance. A masked man robbed a smoke shop in Brooklyn by stealing money and brandishing a piece of unknown equipment, claimed by the Authorities. According to the NYPD, the thief was covered with a mask and dressed in all black. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.


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