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Man Still on the Loose After Rider Attacked on MetroLink Train in East St. Louis


A man hitter to another man inside of the train with his pistol again and again after running off from the train.The accused till on the large of a footstep. This incident happened in St. Loius inside the train. Police said a gun went off as the men were fighting on the train. Let’s see what actually happened actually there/what was the reason for this fighting and why the accused hit to victims. What police said about this case and what is the identification of the suspect? To know more about this case please continue to read until the end of the article.

Man still on the loose after rider attacked

Brad Clossen with the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, which is handling the investigation, said a MetroLink train coming back to Illinois from the St. Louis Cardinal game had an altercation involving two men on the train. Two passengers started arguing on the train when one of the passengers pulled out a gun and hit another person. During the fight, the gun was fired but one is getting shot and injured. The victim was taken down to the hospital with minor injuries. This incident happened at the Missouri East station in East St.Louis. The accused ran off from the train after hitting the victim.

Man Still on the Loose After Rider Attacked

According to reports, People were running to get on the trains, and then finally someone yelled that the trains were not running. They told us it was a shooting on the train and that was kind of scary. It was a big headache. The police investigation is continuing to find the culprit who ran away from the train after hitting the victim. A man hit and beat another man inside the train with a pistol and during this fight pistol went off but one get harmed. this incident happened in St. Louis at Missouri stations.

Trains were not operating between the Stadium and Emerson Park stations due to a security issue. Blue line trains were also affected. As for people who were passengers give many statements and reactions as one of them said that It didn’t bother me that much. A shooting will happen anytime and anywhere. Our convenience and cost we feel outweigh any possibility that there might be a problem. Another said That man should have never been let on that train in that condition just for the safety of the people. I just kind of look over my back a little bit more and be more aware of my surroundings. I’m not going to stop riding the Metro because of this. If we get any update related to this case we will inform you stay tuned with us.


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