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Hello, all the entertainment lovers, get ready for the upcoming episode of one of the most alluring web series Riti Riwaj. Well, Riti Riwaj is another most famous Ullu web series after Charamsukh and Palangtod. Both of these digital shows are ruling all the streaming sites when it comes to providing bold content. Both of these shows release their new shows often, but, Riti Riwaj always comes up with some of the quirky storylines in each of its episodes. Now, again Ullu is gearing up for Riti Riwaz Mann Marzi that is going to start streaming from 16th July 2021.

mann marzi

Riti Riwaj is quite popular for showing fascinating rituals in some sort of weird rituals of fictional towns. This time again the show is coming with another story of such a ritual wherein a woman is free to choose a man with her own will who can fulfil her sexual desire in the absence of her legal husband. The tradition is ancient in the town, but the only condition is the woman has to intimate with the person she chooses and only with him. She can’t make any kind of relation along with any other man instead of the man she got married to.

Riti Riwaz Mann Marzi

The trailer of the show released on 14th July 2021, the show has received a total of 155K views within 6 hours of its release and still continuing. This time again Riti Riwaz featuring an all-new actress in the leading role Nisha. Along with one of the notable faces of the entertainment industry Gehana Vasisth. Gehana predominantly works in many web series. Now, again the actress is going to entice all of her fans along with Nisha and Karan.

Riti Riwaj Mann-Marzi is coming with huge expectations because all of the previous shows of web shows are blockbusters. Recently, the streaming site is entertaining all of its viewers with its new show Dunali. Well, Dunali is also coming with an innovative plotline. So, while waiting for the Riti Riwaj new episode all the fans can enjoy this quirky satire on your Ullu screen.

Well, along with Mann-Marzi one of the most anticipated webs shows Tandoor is also coming to engage the audience with some out of box plot. All the viewers who are keen to watch Mann Marji please make sure to subscribe to Ullu. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Ullu Riti Riwaj Mann-Marzi.


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