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Once again, Atlanta Braves star Marcell Ozuna is remaining the subject of discussion among social media users, ever since he was surrounded by the controversy of wrapping his spouse’s neck just minutes prior to his arrest. The incident occurred on 29th May 2021 in Sandy Spring, GA after the officers mentioned that they were called to a neighbor regarding “an assault in Progress”, even the video which has been taken into custody by the concerned department shows that the officer appeared at the home for taking an action against Marcell Ozuna for such inappropriate activities.

Marcell Ozuna Arrest Video

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the footage which has been presented by the officer, shows each activity of Marcell’s exploit where he grabbed his spouse through his hands. As soon as the officer saw the incident he asks Marcell to release his spouse otherwise she could be suffered from lethal health complications. But when he did not accept his order he had to make them separated by his force, so that, any untoward could not take place. But despite this, his spouse got some injuries around her neck because of this, they made her admitted to the nearest medical center for appropriate treatment.

It is being reported, that Ozuna was wearing a tough cast on his left hand which became the cause of injury, he suffered in a match just a day before the incident. During the police interrogation his wife released shocking statements regarding their relationship, she said that the dispute has commenced over the cheating accusations. Marcell also was hit through the offense charges over the occurrence, included badly assaulting and family violence charges. But despite this, Ozuna could now likely come back as soon as the 2022 season begins, but hitherto only speculation is claiming such things without having strong reports.

If the reports are to be believed, so Braves unleashes a statement after MLB declared the suspension, ” That any sentence of domestic violence is inappropriate and unacceptable enough, and they support it as well and this is the reason they are accepting the decision of the Commissioner’s office regarding Ozuna. These pieces of information have been derived from other sources, so when something gets spotted regarding the news we will make you acquainted for sure. Because hitherto several reports are claiming the different stories, so stay connected with us to know more.


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