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Mario Silva Dies At 68 Check Cause of Death Uruguayan Tropical Singer


The very shocking news is arriving at the fore that the singer Mario Silva: Uruguayan Tropical Music is passed away at the age of 68 due to several strokes. Ever since the news came all his colleagues are going through trauma along with his family and close ones. His sudden demise made everyone shattered because no disease or health issues regarding his health were reported yet. Everyone is shocked by this incident because no one thought that the singer will leave everyone like this and go away forever from this world. Get to know comprehensive details about him such as net worth, career, wiki-bio, Instagram, etc check that below.

Mario Silva singer

As per the exclusive reports, 66-years-old Silva was brought up to Merlot due to his health circumstances in recent weeks, and it is being said that he was born in Montevideo but his upbringing took place in Artigas. He started his career from there and gradually got the right track, because he had a goal to get success in the music world and he did that too. Many heartfelt statements are coming from his colleagues that will make you emotional as well. Andres Lima sent a heartfelt note in which she wrote that ” Today we lost our fried Mario Silva, his fans and family will always remember him”.

It is being reported that in the month of June Mario Silva Jr. was suffering from the cross who got admitted as soon as they got that. Then when the doctor showed them everything they realized the seriousness of his father. 68-years-old Mario Silva has worked as a singer for the sound orchestra for so many years, and this orchestra is well-known as one of the oldest and finest in the north countries. However, Montevideo-born Silva started his career in the ’80s in the singing field and his all romantic songs have the power to attract anyone, and therefore everyone liked to hear him.

Ever since, his death news reported Twitter has been flooded by the condolences messages because his all close ones, and fans are paying tribute to him. Social media is a perfect platform to express their feelings of sorrow because nowadays, due to ongoing pandemic circumstances almost everyone avoids meeting or visit any residence. Therefore, uncounted heartfelt messages have taken place there, where everyone is [praying for his family too. So that, they can get the strength to handle such a big loss and they are praying for his soul to rest in peace (RIP)


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