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Mark Antony OTT Release Date And Time: Is Kannada Movie Available In Ott?


Hello entertainment lovers, here we will explore the movie that had gathered a lot of attention from people and love and trending again on social media platforms due to its release on OTT they are curious to know when it will be released on OTT including the date, time so you will get all information and detail about this movie in this article. Yes, we are conversing about one of the best movies of this year 2023 which is Mark Antony and directed by Adhik Ravichandran.

Mark Antony OTT Release Date

Mark Antony OTT Release Date

People love it has outstanding responses from critics and audiences, and this love fans regarding this movie so the director of the movie gave a surprise to all who could not able to be watch it in theatres now they can watch this amazing movie online anywhere and with family at home so scroll down the page to know more about this movie Mark Antony.

Mark Antony is an Indian Tamil language science fiction comedy film which is directed by Adhik Ravichandran and produced by S. Vinod Kumar under Mini Studio.

The star cast an assemble featured in this movie is Vishal in a dual role as Antony Mark’s father and Mark Antony’s son, S.J Surayah in a dual role as Jackie Pandian, Ritu Varma as Ramya, Sunil as Ekambaram, Abhinaya as Vedhavalli, Selevaraghvan as Chiranjeevi, Nizhalgal Ravi as Maserati, Gold D.S.G.as Thangaraj, Y.G. Mahendran as Gowri, Vishnu Priya Gandhi as Silk Smitha, Mohan Vaidya as Ramya’s father, Meera Krishnan as Ramya’s mother, Manikandan as Kumar, Karthi as Narrator.

Mark Antony’s story revolves around two gangsters Antony and Jackie Pandian who have a common enemy named Ekabaram.In 1975, a scientist named Chiranjeevi invented a phone that can make calls to the past. However, he is shot before he can show the world his invention.20 years later, Mark (Vishal) is a mechanic who discovers a time machine in his garage and then he learns about his father Antony a ruthless gangster and believes that his father was the reason behind his mother’s death so he uses the phone to warn the gangsters of his father’s era about his dangerous potential.

This movie Mark Antony was released in theatres on 15 September 2023 and due to its good response, it will be set to release on OTT in the next month October 2023 with the streaming partner Amazon Prime. Yes, you will be able to watch this movie online on Amazon Prime which is set to be released in October 2023 but the date is not confirmed yet. If we get any update regarding this movie we will inform you so stay tuned with this website social telecast.com


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