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Masatoshi Ito Death Cause? Seven & i Honorary Chairman and Ito-Yokado Founder Ito Dies at 98


There is a shocking piece of news coming forward that Masatoshi Ito died at the age of 98 years and his death news is continuously running on the top of the internet and various social media pages. He was the founder of the Ito-Yokado retail group of Japan and also the chairman of Seven & I honorary. He was one of the beloved Person of his family, friends, and loved ones who are now expressing their sorrows for his loss. In this article, we will share what happened to him, the cause of his death, and some more information related to his death.

Masatoshi Ito

According to the sources and information, he took his last breath on Friday 10 March 2023 and his death news was shared by the company. The exact death cause is not shared or announced by his family, and anyone of his love where it is coming out that his death was natural and he passed away due to long old age. There are also various rumors flowing on the internet but nothing has been shared or announced related to his confirmed death. We will update and mention the other information related to his death after getting it from the sources.

He was known as the honorary chairman of Seven & I Holdings Co and also popular as the founder Ito-Yokado of Japan. His Seven and I Holding Co operates and runs around 80,000 stores in the entire world, including 7-Eleven shops and the Speedway convenience store chain in the U.S. and many other countries. It is also coming out that the company shares last week it would close 14 Ito Yokado supermarkets in Japan. He died peacefully and one of the loved ones o his family, friends, and loved ones. There is not much information available on the internet or not shared related to his personal details.

There is no information has been shared related to the funeral and obituary events of his death. His company and many users of social media expressed their sadness for his loss by commenting and messaging on the internet or social media pages. His death news broke the heart of his family, friends, and loved ones and many users of social media shared many relief thoughts to his family at this painful time period. Stay connected to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest and other news topics of h entire world.


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