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Masterchef Australia 13 Finale Winner Name: Who is Justin Narayan Runner Ups Kishwar Chowdhury


Hello, all the peers, Master Chef Australia is one of the thriving ongoing television cooking shows, So, the 13th edition of the show is all set to announce the winner of the ongoing season. Well, the makers of the show have scheduled the grand finale and all the deserving competitors are competing with the tooth and nail. According to the latest reports, the competitors who made it up to the finals are Kishwar Chowdhary who astonished the judges with her Bengali dishes. Along with Justin Narayan and Pete Campbell competing with her in the finals. All of them are getting prepared for the crunch time to lift the trophy.

Masterchef Australia 13 winner

Well, Kishwar Chowdhary is one of the strongest contenders of the show giving a solid competition to other contestants. She just wreaked havoc in the going season with flawless cooking skills and pristine dishes. Most lately she just amazed all the prestigious judges of Masterchef Australia with her Bengali dish Panta Bhaat and Aloo Bharta. She also knows the ropes when it comes to preparing Bangladeshi dishes. She never misses a chance to woo the judges and the rest of the contestants with her cooking skills.

Kishwar is more likely to take the trophy home because of her fine sense of cooking. She is perfect in blending two flavours that clearly shows in her dishes. She impressed the judges at the time when she came up with Haryali Chicken along with an all-new Australian flavour. It seems that her prime concern is to again flourish traditional dishes of Bengal. Each dish has its own story related to the state or the people of the state. The best thinks about that is she never break a sweat while preparing all this simply and believe in home food and put her heart and soul into it.

Most lately she fetched a full score of 30 when she represented Panta Bhaat along with Aloo Bhorta and Sardines. She also narrated the story of the food and says the food mostly consumed by the mundane people. As far as we concern the contestant Kishwar, she was born in Melbourne. She is 38 years of her age. Well, she is the owner of a printing business. She spends some years in Bangladesh to establish her business.

She is married to Ehtesham after a long relationship. She has been with Ehtesham since her high school days. She also blessed with a son and a daughter. Enjoy the grand Finale on Disney+Hotstar with premium access. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Master Chef Australia 13 winner updates.


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