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Matte Vasanta Kannada Serial: Three Actors Quit The Daily Soap, Makers Bring Replacement


The widely popular daily soap called Mathe Vasantha is surrounded by a lot of controversies about the changes that are coming. Because it’s heard that many characters are being replaced or changed by the makers of the show. Because approximately three characters have quit the show midway, Sachin Thimaaiah, Nandini CM, and Madhumati have seen in the show in the main lead characters but due to personal issues, they bid adieu to the show. So get to know more check the details given below.

Matte Vasanta Kannada Serial: Three Actors Quit The Daily Soap, Makers Bring Replacement

The show has created a massive fan following in the south side due to the adorable format, which is creating havoc among the audience. Because numerous people follow the show closely and hence they always familiar with each activity. But when the news came in front of the audience the makers are thinking to make several changes to the show. Since then the curiosity of their fans has gone on the peak because everyone wants to know about the new replace characters.

Whereas Sachin was playing the character of Murli and Madhumati is playing a character Madhumati plays Kalyani’s and Nandini plays the character of Manya. So as per the sources, Actor Bharat Gowda will replace Sachin Thimmaiah in the show, and at the same time, Mangla Gowri is replacing Madhumati’s character. So these characters also have a great fan following through which, uncounted people love to stream it, so let’s see what will happen in the show.

These characters already become a part of the show, and the shooting of the upcoming episode also begins. But it’s not shocking enough for the audience, because it’s not the first time that the makers are replacing the characters in the show. Prior to this, main lead actor Vivek Simha also quit the show midway for the reason that he wants to pay attention to his movie career. Although, he got replaced by Rakshith of Manglam Tantunaaena fame.

They meet each other coincidentally while Vasantha is attempting a crime, and Aparna decided to file a complaint against him. Another side, a gangster called Shastri informs Vasantha about Aparna’s motive, and therefore Vasatha threatens Aparna and her family because she wants to file a complaint against him at any cost and he has to make sure that she does not do this. But she filed a complaint through which, Vasantha lands behind the bar and after releasing he kidnaps Aparna which is a twist of the show.


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