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Max Stahl Cause of Death: Blue Peter Host & Filmmaker Dead At 66 How Did He Die?


There is no doubt that in the entire life, a man does a work that always keeps him alive in the memories even after death and this is the main motive of some of the most talented and kind-hearted people. Well, you must be thinking that why it all has written above, we would like to tell you that the man who captured the 1991 massacre of 271 protesters against Indonesian rule in East Timor Max Stahl has died today at the age of 66 and on his death, people are remembering him for his most noted work.

Max Stahl Cause of Death: Blue Peter Host & Filmmaker Dead At 66 How Did He Die?

However, born in the United Kingdom in the year 1954 Christopher Wenner better known as Max Stahl was one of the most awards holders for his coverage of the wards and some of the dangerous conflicts around the world but he rose to fame when he filmed the massacre at Dili’s Santa Cruz cemetery in 1991 due to which 270 people were killed. The footage he filmed taken as Indonesian soldiers advanced on a bund of people of Pro-Democracy protestors brought the worst situation of the Timor-Leste population in front of the world but he knew that he would be arrested if the tape comes out from him.

Who Was Max Stahl?

So despite being in the swim of it, he recorded the entire situation later he hide that tape under a gravestone which was later smuggled out of the Indonesian occupied country of that time. No doubt he was one of the bravest journalists because he was on the ground zero when no one was there and it is a great deal in itself. Talking about the awards he got so that would be like an insult of this great personality because he won plenty of awards for his work but the main award he was honored by president Francisco Guterres where he was awarded “Order of Timor-Leste”

The news of his death has brought a wave of grief and most people are remembering him for his notable work in the world of journalism at the field and also from ground zero. Well, the legendry British journalist and television presenter died on Wednesday in Brisbane surrounded by his wife, Dr. Ingrid Bucens, and family after battling cancer since 2012. Undoubtedly he will be missed may his soul rest in peace.


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