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Mehandi Hai Rachne Wali 13th July 2021 Written Episode: Pallavi And Raghav In The Jail


The 13th July episode of “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali” begins with, Raghav as he is thinking about Pallavi. Meanwhile, Jaya there says him to Support Pallavi if her words are real and not lying. Farhad comes to him to get his signature on the papers, Raghav says him to tells everyone not to come around him and disturb him. There, Sunny returns home, Kirti makes a call to him and tells him that “Pallavi has confessed that she was the one who did that but the problem is Raghav has a hide that recording and Amma have also told him to Support her if she is right and telling the truth.”

Sunny makes her realize that Pallavi will do something and Kirti will be fine therefore she should not worry about her. Kirti says how can she be calm as there are high chances of her getting arrested, Sunny replies not to worry as he is coming to her. There, Pallavi is thinking about Jaya and Raghav as they are saving her. Kirti sees her in the kitchen and ignores her. While Pallavi stops her saying listen to her. Kirti turns around angrily saying why should she listen to her. Kirti says that she is nothing for her except for an enemy, Pallavi says Oh! “I am your enemy now”. She says to Kirti that she should be ashamed of herself and should surrender as well.

Kirti says that she is not ashamed of anything and won’t surrender as whatever has happened was just a mistake where she did not do anything deliberately and she knows that her brother will save her and not let her hit the bars. Meanwhile,  Sunny comes in and asks Pallavi what is her problem and why is she jealous of Kirti, is there anything as Raghav chose Kirti over you. Pallavi says him to stay away as it is their personal matter. Sunny says that he replies that he too has no qualms about getting into their matter but as it is bothering his Kirti so he has to come. Kirti says her to go and manage her shop, she holds Sunny’s hand and leaves.

After a very huge dramatic dispute in the last scene you will watch, Pallavi is in jail along with Raghav, he asks her if she is mad because she is sitting behind the bars without any reason. Pallavi says that she just wants to be with him no matter where they are. Raghav asks her if she is thinking everything is a joke, she replies that if he takes everything like a joke then why she can’t. Raghav says Farhad to get her bail, she says Farhad that if he is going to get the bail then he has to take for both not just for her. Farhad looks at her and says that it’s all up to them, and leaves. The episode ends here and there are too many things to watch tonight, so don’t forget to watch it at the right time and stay tuned with us to read more further episode updates.


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