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Mehandi Hai Rachne Wali 25th June 2021 Latest Episode Written Update Spoiler Alert


Today’s episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali begins with, Pallavi reaches home and puts the jar on the table, and leaves. Jaya comes there and asks whose jar is this, Shri standing there says that he does not know about this. Meanwhile, Raghav sees that and thinks this is the same bomb box that was sent by Ved. He yells and says Shri and Jaya to go inside and call Farhad to get a metal detector.  Raghav goes to the jar with that metal detector. Pallavi gets back where she left that jar and asks Raghav what is he doing with that metal detector he pushes her and both of them fall down on the floor.

Pallavi asks him what is he doing, he replies that it was a bomb. Pallavi says it’s just a pickle jar and asks him if he is some president or VVIP so that someone will send a bomb to your house and that too like this. Raghav accepts that it was his fault. He says that you all know what is happening around us so from now no one will go out at least for a week. Pallavi says that she has to do worship and for that, she has to go out with Aai. Raghav says her to call Aai but no one will go out.

Mehandi Hai Rachne Wali Written Episode

There Pallavi calls Sunny and asks him about his health and all. Sunny asks her what does she want? She replies that she was talking in-house and discussing their engagement and she wants to postpone this for 2 months. Sunny says her to take the number of the person who is making their decision, she says that it was Raghav’s decision and we all have agreed on this. Sunny says her that he does not care about it, he says to her to call Kirti as soon as possible. Pallavi goes to Kirti and tells her, Sunny wants to talk to you.

In the last scene, Milind and Sharda go to Vijay and tell him about the house tax’s removal. Milind tells him that we were collusively charged for the house tax and now we can get back to our home. Sharda says Janak will stay here from today. Milind says that he will get the house cleaned and then we will enter our mansion. The episode ends here and stays tuned with us to check more further updates on this show. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode tonight at  6:30 PM on Star Plus.


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