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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 20th July 2021 Episode: Pallavi Confesses To Raghav Written Update


The latest episode starts with, Vijay getting angry at Sulochna because she gave him pasta instead of Dal-Roti. He scolds her because the pasta is also not even cooked well, She replies that she is not a chef here so he wants a full course meal. Meanwhile, Mansi walks in and jibe him saying his so-called wife back. Sulochna looks at him and says him to eat what he has or orders. There, Kirti gets a call from Sunny he tells her to look at what she left, Jaya says her to come inside, Kirti says that first, she will fetch medicines, and then she will come Jaya nods and leaves.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 20th July 2021 Episode: Pallavi Confesses To Raghav Written Update

Kirti goes and sees Sunny there and hugs him. She tells him about Raghav’s fugue, Sunny says that now this is the end of Raghav and Pallavi’s story, Kirti looks at him and asks what does he mean. There, Pallavi gets happy recalling the times when Raghav used to take care of her. She also imagines that how people used to tell her that she should express her feelings for him, she walks thinking of him and suddenly collides with a nurse who keeps some roses and petals in her hands, she holds one of the roses and smiles.

There, Jata and Kirti stay with Raghav. Raghav says Jaya to take him to Pallavi because she is very upset, Jaya denies taking him to her saying “you are not well and can’t step out” He says that he hurt her more than anything just in the name of prank, Jaya calls her, Pallavi comes there, Jaya smiles seeing her and says Kirti to leave. Pallavi comes towards Raghav, Raghav appositive because he did not have any intentions to hurt her. Pallavi stops him that she wants to say something. She tells him that there are plenty more people in her life but he is the only one who brought happiness to her life and took her out of her loneliness and made her life better and she thinks that her search to get a life partner has stopped at him. She further says that she wants him in every birth, she confesses her love for him and says “I Love You Raghav”…

However, Mandar comes there and sees them from the window, Pallavi sees him and rushes towards him, Raghav asks her what happened, but she goes out to see Mandar, Raghav gets confused. The episode ends with some more drama so tune in to Star Plus tonight at 6:30 PM to watch the complete episode and get back here tomorrow to get more spoiler alerts.


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