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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali MHRW 6th July 2021 Written Update: Pallavi Finds Mandar’s Ring In Raghav’s Room


Let’s begin with today’s written episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali. Pallavi sees Mandar’s ring. She wonders how could it land here. Pallavi asks Raghav if he knew Mandar or had met him earlier as she just found his ring. Raghav answers that he saw him once when he was asking for a lift at Ring Road. He says that he dropped him at the location he wanted to reach. Raghav continues that while he left his ring fell down but before he could reach him he had left. Pallavi listens. She asks him if he could tell how did he seem that day.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali MHRW 6th July 2021 Written Update: Pallavi Finds Mandar's Ring In Raghav's Room

Raghav doesn’t understand. Pallavi says that she meant if he looked tensed or something. She says that Mandar had gotten a call that day and he left immediately. She further says that she waited for him the whole night but he never returned. It was later when they found out about his death. Meanwhile, Jaya comes and asks Pallavi to leave as it’s Mandar’s birthday and the family has organized a Pooja there. Raghav volunteers to drop Pallavi. However, he kept thinking if he should just tell Pallavi the truth or not.

On another side, Vijay nags Pallavi for not reaching on time even on the special day. Sharda taunts him saying if he ever cared about Mandar when he was still alive. Milind asks them not to argue. On the way to Deshmukh’s house, Raghav notices that Pallavi is lost. He asks her about it. Pallavi tells him that she has so many unanswered questions about Mandar’s death as the only thing she knew is that he died due to an accident. Next, they reach the house. Though Raghav notices Mandar’s picture and gets restless.

He comes out and says that it’s too hard and he can not do this. Amruta sees this. She tells Pallavi about it while the latter shows them Mandar’s ring and tells how he met Raghav that day. In the next scene, Pallavi comes to know that the Inspector handling Mandar’s case has closed the file. She asks the inspector to continue investigating as she wants to know the truth but the Inspectors deny it. Later, Pallavi challenges the cops that she will find the truth herself. The inspector calls Raghav and narrates the entire story of how Pallavi came to the police station and challenged them. MHRW episode ends here.


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