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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali (मेहँदी है रचने वाली): Today’s Written Episode 14th July 2021


The latest episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali will bring some more drama tonight and as you all know that Raghav and Pallavi both are in the jail where Raghav asks Pallavi why is she hitting the bars, she replies that she wants to stay with him. Raghav says to Farhad to get her bail, Pallavi replies to Farhad that if is going to get the bail so he has to take it for both otherwise she won’t leave Raghav alone here. Now in tonight’s episode, you will watch the drama touching a level up.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

The episode begins with, Pallavi facing problems at night in the lockup as there are plenty more mosquitoes there, Raghav laughs at her saying it’s a jail, not your house there you have to stay like this. Pallavi says, despite having this kind of problems people stay here all-time they must be innocent, she then prays to God that, please not send any lizards and cockroaches here, suddenly lights go off, she gets scared as she can’t see Raghav there, she calls his name, he replies that he is here and this is the reason that he never wants his sister to be here. Raghav says that since Kirti was exposed she has started to lie, he tells her that she even said that she does not know to drive which hurt him.

Pallavi gets shocked and asks what? He nods saying that when Amma was ill he asked her to drive and at that time she replied that she can’t drive as she does not know about it. Pallavi says it’s okay if she denied that she can’t drive and asks him that how can he be so sure about her that knows driving. He replies that he saw her sitting on the driving seat when she did the accident. There Kirti hugs Sunny and starts to cry saying that she does not want to stay in this house anymore, he asks her why? she replies that even Amma is against her now. Sunny tells her that it’s not her fault because the situations are against them so they have to bear everything and if the case re-opens then they have to hit the bricks and to stay away from that it is mandatory to tolerate the hate.

Sunny says that before the circumstances go rather worse let’s flee from here because we can be caught anytime. She says Okay! let’s flee, Sunny says that he has some money, he asks her about how much does she have? she replies that she ain’t but Amma might have. She asks how much do we need? he says at least 10-15 lakhs to live a bit happy. She thinks that how will she arrange money, he replies that he will arrange some. Well, tune in to Star Plus at 6:30 PM and stay tuned with us to read more further updates on the show.


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