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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Episode Of 10th July 2021: Kirti Lies To Raghav


You all must be in the swim that Star Plus’s Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’s makers are trying their best to put the show more spicy and dramatic therefore every episode brings a level up drama and thrill as well. In tonight’s episode, you will watch, Kirti, Pallavi, and Raghav rush towards Jaya and get stunned when they see Jaya unconscious. Pallavi says that they have to take her to the hospital quickly. Raghav says Pallavi to get the driver. She replies that no driver is at home at this time as their timing is over. She leaves saying that she is going to Farhad as he knows and he will take her to the hospital.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Episode Of 10th July 2021: Kirti Lies To Raghav

Raghav screams at Kirti saying go and get the car, she says that she does not know how to drive, he forces her to get the car but she continues to say that she does not know driving, he screams at him back. Meanwhile, Pallavi comes in saying that Farhad has gone to get a doctor. The doctor comes he checks her and says that she ate peanuts despite knowing that she is allergic to them. Take care of her doctor leaves saying this. Pallavi says Farhad to wait and she decides to talk to him.

Raghav screams at Kirti saying that he was there when she kills Mandar, he says that he has seen everything, he tells her ‘two years back when you killed Mandar, I hide the car in the garage so that no one can find about that, and now you are saying that you don’t know how to drive”. Kirti yells at him saying that she was not in Hyderabad at that time, she keeps on saying that she does not know how to drive, she leaves. It shakes him and forces him to think why is she lying despite knowing everything.

There Farhad shouts at Pallavi, Raghav hears that and goes there and asks what wrong has happened that you are shouting like this. Farhad tells him that Pallavi is blaming him for the accident. Pallavi says that she was not accusing him of that but just asking about that, she says him not to overreact. Farhad says that now he has been fed up with this and can’t tolerate it anymore. Raghav looks at Pallavi and says her to stop because people are dying due to this, so she should not spoil the present by revealing or talking about the past. Kirti sees everything from the window. The episode ends with a great twist that perhaps you have not even expected so don’t forget to watch the super episode tonight at the right time.


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