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Melissa Highsmith Found After 51 Years In Fort Worth: Police confirm DNA of Melissa Highsmith


Today we are going to share with you the news which leaves everyone in shock but also in happiness. yes, we are talking about the person who was separated from her family when she was just 22 months old back then but now she reunited with her family after 50 years. She was kidnapped back then. After fifty years Melissa Highsmith Kidnapped case was finally solved and she was reunited with her family. It was a joyful moment for all of them. To know more about this page scroll down the page and continue to read.

Melissa Highsmith Found After 51 Years In Fort Worth

The person we are talking about is Mellissa Highsmith who was kidnapped when she was only just 22 months year old and separated from her family. She reunited with her family after fifty years. The woman abducted her from Fort Worth, Texas when she was just 22 years old and pretend to be a babysitter. Everyone had been looking forward to the emotional meeting for a long time, and it ended a decades-long search for answers.

Melissa Highsmith Found Afer 51 Years In Fort Worth

The Department of public safety posted a notice about Melissa that she was kidnapped and found in Fort Worth in November 2022. Through the sources, we get to know that Mellisa was kidnapped by the woman identified as  Ruth Johnson. Ruth Johnson promised to watch Melissa for the day but she abducted that child and went away. Her mother who stayed apart from her husband had placed the advertisement for a babysitter to help care for her because she worked as a waitress and need someone who can take care of Mellisa.

Melissa Highsmith Found Afer 51 Years

On the day of Melissa’s disappearance, Ruth Johnson picked up the 21-month-old toddler from the care of her mother’s roommate while Melissa’s mother was at work. Mellisa’s mother immediately called to Authorities when her daughter was not returned.

She lives in the hope that one day she will return to her back and her prayer become successful and she reunite with her daughter after many years. Melissa was raised with the name Melina and did not know about anything. Mellisa received a message related to her birth identity through Facebook but at first, she thought it was a scam Melisa finally learned her truth and reunited with her family on  26 November 2022. The story of Highsmith’s alleged kidnapping shows how dangerous it can be to leave kids with strangers, even if they seem to be trusted.


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