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Men In Blue Tokyo vs Paddy Foleys Tokyo | MBT vs PFT | Japan Cricket League T20


In this article, you will provide all information and details about the Japan Cricket League T20 16th Match which will happen between Men In Blue Tokyo(MBT) and Paddy Foleys Tokyo(PFT) this match will be set place at Sano International Cricket Ground 2, Sano Kanto on Sunday, 20 August 2023 at 10:30.

Men In Blue Tokyo vs Paddy Foleys Tokyo

People and cricket fans are excited to know what will be happening in the match and who will win as we can expect that all cricket fans want to win their favourite team will win and this thing only know when the match will begin and not end in between people speculated that Men In Blue Tokyo will be won on the other side Paddy Foleyls also have chances to win which is speculated by the cricket fans and we get the final decision when the match will over because in between the match all the table turns by each other teams so let see who wins

People and cricket fans want to know all about this Japanese Cricket League T20 it had already 15 matches and now 16 matches will yet to begin Let’s talk about the details of this match and want to know where this match will happen and the timing which is given here below so kindly drag down the page to know more about this match.

MBT Vs PFT(Men In Blue vs Paddy Foleys Tokyo) Match Details:

Match: Tokyo Falcons and Chiba Sharks
Tournament: Japan Cricket League T20
Date: Sunday, 20 August 2023
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: Sano International Cricket Ground, Sano Kanto

Men In Blue Tokyo vs Paddy Foleys Tokyo

MBT Vs PFT(Men In Blue vs Paddy Foleys Tokyo) players 11s: Vivek Singh, Pramod Singh, Avtaar Singh, Naveen Negi, Narendra Dharajijaya, Manvi Prashanth, Vigensewaran, Ankit Panwar, Vishal Patel, Akash Shashtri, Vikas Jha,  Gurdeep Dua, Ashish Kumar Jaiswal, Rahul Koul and Vikash Ranjan.

PFT(Paddy Foleys Tokyo)possible 11s: Zohail Khan, Rashid Rafiq, Pankaj Chand, Suleman Rana, Sameer Malik, Mohsin Raiz, Abdur Rahman, Shoaib Hasan, Ajitesh Kaushal, Ashiq Hussain, Mannu B.

The weather report, it will be indicated that there is no chance of rain and this is a positive thing for cricket fans and they can enjoy the match however, this wait the cricket fans will be ended soon and if we talk about the injuries there are no players suffering from injuries. If we get any updates related to this match we will inform you so stay tuned for more updates on this website.


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