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Meridian High School Student Killed After Being Hit By Pickup Truck


Once again, a piece of quite unfortunate news is spreading its feet on social networking sites from Meridian, Idaho, where a youthful student from Meridian High School student has died after being collided with a pickup truck at the intersection of Ten and Pine Mile. Yes, you heard right, the student turned lifeless in such a spontaneous manner that no one had even imagined. The entire school management team is mourning to loss of him as they had not even imagined that day their faces will collide by such a worst manner. Below you can explore everything you need to know along with some unknown facts.

Meridian High School Student Killed After Being Hit By Pickup Truck

As per the exclusive reports or sources, a spokesperson of Meridian city said that the driver of the vehicle was a bit furious and did not push the break as everything was extempore enough. But he is cooperating with the police, till now no detention has been made as the incident is still remaining under investigation. Because the case holding such facts which are required to be unveiled and soon they will unleash the facts, even the CCTV footage of the area has also been taken into their custody for further proceeding.

What Happened To Meridian Students?

Reportedly, the incident took place at Ten Mile where the student was crossing the road, heading east, but the driver was a bit furious as he lost control over the break and thus, the tragedy occurred.

He was traveling northbound on the Mile but after hitting the 16-year-old student he had been taken into custody. Hence, now, the investigation will solve further mysteries but amidst, the student had pronounced dead by the doctors, as he was not holding even a single chance to survive ahead. Hence, the doctors asked his family to bring him back for the cremation.

Ever since, the news took place on social networking sites uncounted started unleashing their sorrow, as the student lost his life at a very young age in a certain manner. Hence, innumerable are sending deep condolence to the family so that, they could get the strength to bear the pain of losing him, as the news is quite indigestible because nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing the departure of someone, especially our favorite one. So here we have mentioned such details and when something will come ahead we will update you for sure, stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast


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