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Mexico Cops Shoot Robert Dotson After Knocking Wrong House: Video Shows Police Fatal Shooting


Today I’m going to share some extremely bad news with you. This news is viral on the internet vastly. The New Mexico police officers were fatally shot by a man. This incident is captured on the CCTV camera. This incident is created by Farmington police. You all are thinking about this incident and why the police officer is doing this kind of incident. The video of this incident is viral vastly. All of the are very curious to know why they do this. What was the reason behind this incident? We can clear all your doubts. We can give the answer to your question. Scroll up to read more information.

According to the information, the name of the victim is Robert Doston. He was just 52 years old. He was shot by the Framing Police officer. This was the big mistake created by the police officer. Someone calls the police to stop domestic violence. The officers went to the wrong house.

Video Footage Shows Police At Wrong House

Robert Dotson Bodycam video shows New Mexico cops fatally shot

In the video, you will see the police officers knocking on the door three times. And they said the wrong address this is captured in the CCTV footage. They said the wrong address 5380. But the actual address is 5308. Scroll up and read more about this news.

After that, the Doston come out to open the door. But the police started firing on them. Without knowing the information or the correct address. They shot in his head. Before the shooting, the victim said what the….? Because the victim has no idea about this incident. Doston’s wife came out when she heard a firing. She sees the officer shoot his husband without any reason. She was totally shocked. She has no idea what was going on there. After that, her wife started firing on the Cops. This is also captured in the CCTV footage.

She had no idea about this. According to the police instructions, she put down the gun. She stopped firing on the cops. As the result, Doston was dead on the spot. Their medical treatment was going on. This is extremely shocking news for their family. This incident happens suddenly. A police investigation is going on in this case. According to the information, the two officers are involved in this incident. All the individuals said the court takes strict action on the police officers. This case is handled by the San Juan County District Attorney. Here we can share all the information about this incident. Follow for more updates.



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