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Miami: Dustin Wakefield Shot Dead By Stranger Check Video Wiki Biography Bio Reason


In Miami’s restaurant, a 21 years old Colorado native named Dustin Wakefiled stopped breathing after getting shot by a stranger. Actually, the man was trying to protect his 1-year-old son from a gunman who was on drugs. As per the reports, the man who shot him had no relation with Dustin and also not any hostility. Mr. Wakefiled was on vacation with his wife and son. The man was “high on mushrooms which made him feel empowered,” early reports stated after the arrest of the accused.

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The entire scene happened on the 24th of August, Tuesday while a family of three was dining at La Cerveceria restaurant and suddenly a man named Tamarius Davis came and started to raise his gun in the air and then at random people sitting in the restaurant. One of the people told CBS Miami that the accused was not guilty of what he did and instead of being guilty he was dancing at the top of the dead body.

However, the Miami police nabbed Davis. One of the statements from the crime scene stated that the man came by him and point the gun towards Dustin’s baby and said “it’s time to say bye-bye, meanwhile, Dustin stood up and said that he has only one baby and he begs to him but as he pulled the trigged Dusting came between the gun and got the shot, due to which he died.

The delinquent was identified as Tamarius Blair Davi, who lives in Norcross, Georgia, and is 22 years old. After getting the intoxicant down he admitted that he did the crime after being influence by psychedelic drugs. Davis also told the cops that he was not in his senses and was “high on mushrooms” follow by which he went restaurant and saw Dustin and his family where he decided to shoot the one after feeling empowered. Another person from the spot stated that the guilty was pretending so bizarre, said he was smiling all the time even after killing the innocent.

Well, as per the reports Dusting was a young native of Castle Rock, Colorado, and was working in the construction industry. His uncle said that “he was kinda kid”. The 21 years old tied the knot with his wife two years ago and both have a years old baby. His uncle confirmed the news of his death and also organized a fundraiser where he has requested everyone to help his family if someone is able and can.


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