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Micah Meggs Death Reason? Plathville’ Star Olivia Plath’s Brother Micah Meggs Dead at 15


We are deeply regretful and sad to share with you the news that the famous actress’s brother died at the young age of 15 in a vehicle accident. It is a shock wave for her and for her family. The actress says that she could not commute with social media for months because she needs some space for some clarity and grieving. This news broke out on the internet and netizens have been looking for a detailed article to learn what happened to her brother and how he died. We will provide you with all information about her brother and how he died.

Micah Meggs Death Reason?

The person we are talking about who was dead in the tragic vehicle accident was Olivia Plath’s younger brother who was just 15 years old. Olivia gained her popularity and recognization widespread after appeared in the TLC reality television series named Welcome to Plathville. We will share with you every single piece of information about his brother and his sister. The news of Olivia’s brother’s death sent a shock. What Happened to Olivia’s brother and how he died we will try to tell you all details about this news. Scroll down the page to know more about this case.

Micah Meggs Death Reason?

Olivia’s brother whose name was Micca Megs died in a vehicle accident on 4 May 2023. Olivia’s brother Micca Meggs was engaged in a motorcycle collision that took his life away and passed away. Micca is survived by his parents, Dom Meggs and Karen Meggs along with his eight brothers and sisters apart from Olivia – Elijah, Joshua, Elise, Lydia, Sophia, Nathan, Carris, and Kirsten. Micah was a cheerful and kind person. He spent most of his time in multiple activities like camping, trapping, hunting, and fishing he was a skilled outdoorsman.

According to the reports, Micca was riding his electric bicycle around 10 pm on the right lane of a main highway when a Honda came in the same direction and struck him. The incident happened on  Route 220 a rural road north of Franklin County, Virginia. He could not survive because of his deadly injuries. Micca cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, neck, and torso. His family is in a state of grief and also her sister is keeping her distance from social media to grieving and said in the social post about this that Hey guys, I’m jumping off of social media for a bit. Don’t worry if you don’t see me around – I’m taking some space now. I lost a younger brother last night to an unexpected accident and I need some clarity and space for grieving. We should give respect her decision and not disturb her.


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