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Michael K Williams Cause Of Death Revealed: Autopsy Shows Actor Died Of Drug Overdose


In past months we have lost so many lives due to the heavy dose of drugs and every time the news comes people start to spread awareness about it and as soon as the incident gets old people forget and continue to do the same. Here we are talking about the latest obituary news of an American actor Michael K Williams whom you loved the most, who appeared first in HBO’s famous crime drama series called The Wire where he played the role of Omar Little.

Michael K Williams Cause Of Death Revealed Autopsy Shows Actor Died Of Drug Overdose

If you are still thinking so we would love to illuminate that we are sad to announce that famous US actor Michael Kenneth Williams has passed away at the age of 54 after being found unconscious and unresponsive by his nephew at his home. As per the medical reports, he died of overdosing on a combination of heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and p-fluorofentanyl. The Chief Medical Examiner’s office confirmed this news saying that his death was accidental, however, everyone is keen to know that how can it be accidental because he must have known that he is taking drugs and perhaps after being high on mushrooms he took the heavy dose due to which he pronounced to be dead.

Michael K Williams Cause Of Death

An autopsy report by Julie Bolcer who is a spokeswoman for New York City’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. However, Bolcer said that it was just an accidental cause, and saying this she said the cops not to investigate further on this because she has clear all the things. As per the police reports, William was found dead at his apartment located in Brooklyn. However, another reason is yet to be exposed that why he was taking intoxicants after being a superstar, perhaps that was just for wiping out the stress but why he took an overdose at that time when he was at his home neither at some party and place.

Williams’s colleagues said that he was such a great soul and he played every single role with enthusiasm and as most of the roles were dependent on his personal life so he played very well and give a touch of his own experience of being a black American growing up in New York. On social media, it seems like a flood of mourning has covered the entire internet and every single person who is getting to know about it is grieving and fans are showing their love towards him in their way. Our condolences are with his kins, may his soul Rest In Peace…


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