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Michael Zillig Cause of Death? Botox Empire Michael Zillig Death – Obituary


This is a very disgraceful news viral on social media. A Botox King, Michael Zillig has died. He was the only director and owned pf the company. There were 16 cosmetics clinics all over Sydney. He belongs to a Victorian town. He was an accountant. He established several clinics in Sydney. His company was famous for the best Botox injection. On 14th March he went out of his business. He is a very successful man. No one can believe the news that Michael Zillig has died. How was it possible? What happens to him?

What Happened To Michael Zillig

Michael Zillig was 56 years old at the time of his death. He passed away on 29 January 2023. Mr. Zillig was officially from the Victorian town of Kyneton. In 2015, he started his business again. He achieved very success in their life. Their customer is getting angry with them. They don’t like their products and complain about them. After receiving the complaints. He worried about that. In one month they received 138 complaints. This is very disappointing news for them. And he also getting shocked at how was it possible. This news demotivates him.

Michael Zillig Cause of Death?

Their business has come to a state of bankruptcy. The customer is getting angry with them because they do not receive the best product. They spend lots of money on their products but they get bad results. Michael’s company is said to be owing up to $ 89,000. However, the figure has not been verified yet. there are 165 people complaining about the products.

Many peoples claimed from social media groups they get their money back safely. According to their Facebook page IIA, they have sent messages to every consumer and asked the consumers to email for claims. Many more customers got irritated as they paid thousands of dollars for the treatment but they waited to receive the service.

Suicide is not a solution to any kind of problem. Micheal was to improve their products. They should have apologized to their consumer. And says that they will not make these harmful products for anyone. This is the best solution for making a better company again. After Michael’s death, his family is in depression. They lost their family member and the company also lost its owner. We can share all the information about Micheal’s death.


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